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With the current war going on I find myself watching a lot of war coverage on TV. On the 24 hour news stations it seems that there is a lot of repitition of the news information. The same "headlines" are sometimes repeated for a couple of days. I would like to see a channel that only reports *new* news. A particular item will be reported once as a pending news flash, and then again once facts are confirmed or changed.

The idea would be that you could watch CNN, MSNBC or BBC for 30 minutes to get caught up on the war and then switch over to this channel to stay current. When there is nothing new to report they can delve into the history of the middle east or history of other governments etc to help give people a more in depth view of the situation. Or just have a rotating cast of people who want to sound off about the war and present their opinions about what is going on.
-- blahginger, Mar 30 2003

Charlotte Green
[hippo, Oct 17 2004]

BBC News Ticker
a scrolling news bar. [TonyDevilUK, Oct 17 2004]

So this is a "war channel" rather than a news channel?

When News24 was introduced in the UK I wondered how they would fill 24/7. After watching it for a couple of days I realised - repeat footage. I agree with [blahginger] that it is annoying.

Would an interactive option that allows/disallows newsflashes over your normal viewing be more appropriate? You could be watching a wildlife documentary (or any other channel) and newsflashes would interrupt with breaking stories (but only if you've got the option turned on).
-- Mayfly, Mar 30 2003

I did that CNN breaking news email thing once. I cancelled it when they used it to notify me that "Friends" was renewed for another year.
-- waugsqueke, Mar 30 2003

[waugs]: Ohmagod! I didn't know that! When? WHERE???!!!???
-- Cedar Park, Mar 31 2003

Here's the answer. Listen to BBC Radio 4 news bulletins. It's amazing how Charlotte Green (see link) fits an entire days worth of news into 2 minutes. And it makes you realise how redundant the pictures are on TV news.
-- hippo, Mar 31 2003

Mmmm. Charlotte Green. Far sexier than Brian Perkins any day.
-- PeterSilly, Mar 31 2003

I think I would like a breaking news internet service that displays headlines in Windows "toast" boxes in the lower right corner of the screen.
-- waugsqueke, Mar 31 2003

its not only 'new news', but the bbc news sites web ticker [see link], is just what waugs talked about.
-- TonyDevilUK, Mar 31 2003

Hm... Tony, not quite. I want it to 'pop' up like the Windows 'toast' messsage do, like to tell you there's a new updates you need to download, or someone's on Messenger, or whatever. I don't want something that's on the screen all the time, only now and then when there's a message worth notifying me.
-- waugsqueke, Mar 31 2003

TV news has to deal with people tuning in once or twice per hour, once or twice per day, or for the first time that month. I thinktheir format works relatively well.

The only way you can guarantee no repitition is a web site format. Only unclicked headlines are posted, latest first. That way, you'll only be seeing headlines you never saw before.
-- DrCurry, Mar 31 2003

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