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Product: Decoy
Terror Box   (+12, -6)  [vote for, against]
Scare people with simple platonic solids

Imagine walking down a suburban street, when you stumble across a small cube. It is of perfect proportions, every face being exactly 5.6", every vertice exactly 90 degrees. What is most ominous about it is that is is very smooth, casts no reflection at all, weighs three lbs and is entirely black, except for a single phrase you find on it's far face in imaculately stenciled yellow letters "FBI: do not touch."

This is all there is to the terror box. It's a very simple, remarkably versatile show of surrealism. It can be used in all platonic solids; dodecahedrons are creepy and tetrahedrons and down right disturbing, but don't use icosahedrons; that would be silly. They are usually made of plywood, and then given a smooth feel, then painted. FBI isn't the only thing you can paint on them; try a red box with white letters that spell "CCCP." For the extra touch, seal a running weasel ball in one.
-- jellydoughnut, Oct 12 2005

Making of the Nokia Hackerbox
A mysterious, non-descript, shiny cube. [idris83, Jan 22 2011]

Absolutely pointless. Probably why I like it. Not sure about the FBI bit though. Maybe "Warning Hazardous Materials".
-- hidden truths, Oct 12 2005

no, no, not entirely balck!
-- benfrost, Oct 12 2005

Perhaps the box text should be repunctuated to read, "FBI, do not touch."
-- calum, Oct 12 2005

All boxes are terror boxes if left unattended in a public place. It doesn’t matter what is written on them.
-- Shz, Oct 12 2005

I wonder if someone left a Batman lunchbox on 23rd street (Wash, DC) would it make the evening news.
-- dentworth, Oct 13 2005

casts no reflection! a vampire box?
-- po, Oct 13 2005

It should be very smooth, but very dull...somehow.
-- jellydoughnut, Oct 13 2005

People used to leave these all over the place where I grew up, only difference was when someone stumbled on them they actually did explode. Now if you stenciled FOX tv on them folk would really panic. I'm giving you a bun for reminding me of how creepy the Proteus character was in the otherwise crap Donald Cammel science fiction film Demon Seed, in which Julie Christie is terrorised by a monstrous polyhedron.
-- xenzag, Oct 13 2005

Where did you grow up?!
-- jellydoughnut, Oct 13 2005

Yeah?! (FOX is a bit of a giveaway, though) Here, I used to think the empty liquor bottles were scary.
-- reensure, Oct 13 2005

I was only making a valid point, there wasn't any need to delete my anno was there?
-- fridge duck, Oct 13 2005

That was an accident. Feel free to put it back up again. Sorry.
-- jellydoughnut, Oct 13 2005

I grew up in the badlands, in a place called Tigers Bay where we spent our time drinking wine, and singing "f--k the IRA"

Stephen Menary, 16, also lost his left hand in a Real IRA blast in February 2001. He had picked up a bomb disguised as a torch outside a Territorial Army Barracks in White City..... but I still like your idea jellydoughnut and by the way I'm not Stephen Menary.
-- xenzag, Oct 14 2005

I like it. I like it. I liiiiike it. Simple, yet (ahem) functional.
-- HalfBaker, Oct 03 2007

"Take me to your leader" It's either a UFO or a cunning terrorist plot.
-- marklar, Oct 03 2007

Reminds me of the Nokia hackerbox a bit (see link).

P.S. "Vertex" is the singular form of "Vertices", not "Vertice".
-- idris83, Jan 22 2011

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