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Four balls of dough are proofed and baked in an arrangement so that the final shape of the loaf looks kinda like an electron density map of methane.

The proper invention would be a sort of proffing stand that did this flawlessly, but ah hell, it's probably [mfd] anyways.
-- daseva, Dec 02 2005

(?) The map http://observe.phy....thane%20Panning.gif
Its probably just a quirk, but I think everyone should have an idea of what an electron density map is, and methane is a great place to start. [daseva, Dec 02 2005, last modified Sep 22 2006]

inspiration... Triangular_20Bread
[po, Dec 04 2005]

Is this saying more?
-- hidden truths, Dec 02 2005

// like an electron density map of methane.//

Not really a good example. Could you think of a more commonly occurring one? I'm not sure this makes the shape much clearer as many of us will not have seen such an electron density map :)
-- Minimal, Dec 02 2005

...a pyramid with a triangular base == tetrahedron
-- sninctown, Dec 03 2005

Perhaps it would be better to lable Triangular Bread as the inspiration, instead of as the echo?
-- DesertFox, Dec 04 2005

Yeah, I guess I never figured out what an echo was..
-- daseva, Dec 04 2005

[Gumbob] I guess you figured it out now.... This one you just posted is an echo.
-- sophocles, Dec 07 2005

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