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Expiring Ink for Textbooks

I'd like to be able to highlight my textbooks, but my school reuses them. The Textbook Highlighter would work like those Disappearing Ink pens that expire after 48 hours. The ink in the highlighter would disappear in your choice of 6 months, 3 months, or 2 months. It could be combined with the Ballpoint Highlighter (see link) to keep oxygen out so it keeps until you use it.

Another possibility is that the ink starts to expire in the highlighter (you buy it at the beginning of the year, and when you highlight something, it lasts a certain amount of time until the end of the year.
-- -----, Nov 21 2004

Ballpoint Highlighter http://www.halfbake...point_20Highlighter
Ballpoint Highlighter [-----, Nov 21 2004]

Someone proposed this before, but I don't see it now. I just saw an erasable hilighter in Staples, another approach to the same problem.
-- DrCurry, Nov 22 2004

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