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The ability to text while fully gloved

I seem to have shorter fingers than your average glove-wearer so I find that my gloves always have a redundant bit at the end of the fingers and thumb which bunches up and makes any dextrous task difficult.

I am also a frequent texter, to the extent that I once send 900 in a month (there was a geologist involved and in the scheme of things it wasn't the most ridiculous thing I've ever done in the name of love).

During the current cold snap I have rediscovered how difficult it is to text whilst wearing gloves, so I propose a glove with a small hole on the pad of the thumb, enabling good contact with the key pad. For very cold climates, the glove would come with a small thumb-hood to cover the hole in the pauses between texts.
-- hazel, Jan 29 2004

Try these out.
[skinflaps, Oct 17 2004]

Gloves to be worn for extrication. [oneoffdave, Oct 17 2004]

You know this one is baked because I have seen it. But I could not find anything on google. also what about a small plastic solid extention at the tip of the glove. That way you dont have to expose your fingers to the cold and can still text away.
-- nomadic_wonderer, Jan 29 2004

nom has the right idea, sew shirt buttons to the ends of your fingertips (gloves, silly!)
-- po, Jan 29 2004

I still have the problem of excess material at the fingertip, but perhaps that's just a wouldn't it be nice if glove manufacturers made gloves with different finger lengths
-- hazel, Jan 29 2004

grow your fingernails a little longer...
-- po, Jan 29 2004

Start texting with mitts - if you can text with mitts on, you can do anything ...
-- Letsbuildafort, Jan 29 2004

But if it's chilly [skin] my skin might stick to the thimble.
-- hazel, Jan 29 2004

thats it. you need voice messaging!
-- nomadic_wonderer, Jan 29 2004

I could just ring people, but where's the fun in that?!
-- hazel, Jan 29 2004

messaging with that weird character placement is more fun than just calling someone?
-- nomadic_wonderer, Jan 29 2004

depends what you write [nom]...
-- hazel, Jan 29 2004

You could get those gloves used for shooting that have thumb and index finger covers that fold back. Alternatively get a pair of gloves designed for the emergency services to use at RTA's. The pair I have allow you to still take a pulse whilst wearing them and I can text and type with them on [link].
-- oneoffdave, Jan 30 2004

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