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Food: Combination
Thanksgiving in a can   (+3, -2)  [vote for, against]
Not for you British folks...

Build a multi-part food can with the different foods of Thanksgiving, one part is turkey, stuffing, and gravy, another part could be vegetables, and another part could be sweet food such as pies, yams, and jello. Plop it all down on a plate, microwave it, and voila! Instant Thanksgiving dinner.
-- BinaryCookies, Sep 06 2002

(?) thanks for the salmonella
the turkey's revenge [pfperry, Sep 08 2002]

(?) All Day Breakfast in a Can http://www.tza-tzac...d/inacan/inacan.htm
Pursuant to my below comment - voila, complete with pictures. [waistcoat, Sep 09 2002]

//Not for you British folks...//


On second thoughts (having just read the idea), sod it. You can keep your can, I'll just make a nice roast this sunday.

//sweet food such as pies, yams, and jello//

<suspicious stare at binary..>
-- yamahito, Sep 06 2002

Well, to be more politically correct, you can celebrate the holiday representing the beginning of religious freedom from Britian if you want to.

I would take a real cooked dinner before a can any day.
-- BinaryCookies, Sep 06 2002

//the beginning of religious freedom from Britian//

We need one of those - it's just that the date isn't defined. (I thought thanksgiving was all about sharing food with the injuns? Peace and goodwill, plenty to scoff and sports on the telly?)
-- yamahito, Sep 06 2002

[admin: don't put ideas into categories you don't mean literally; it makes them hard to find.]
-- jutta, Sep 07 2002

"Why do we hear the loudest yelps for liberty from the drivers of negroes?"
Dr Johnson
-- General Washington, Sep 08 2002

"Thanksgiving In A Can: For the single gentleman of limited means."
-- calum, Sep 08 2002

Jeez. Why stop at a can? Go all the way, à la Fifth Element, and do Thanksgiving in a pill.
-- DrCurry, Sep 08 2002

We have a similar idea here in Oz except you have to chase it through the bush, it's called a' UTE' stacked with crocs,kangaroos,camels and wild pigs.
-- skinflaps, Sep 09 2002

Our family very often does Christmas-in-a-bottle. We don't worry overmuch about the actual food.
-- PeterSilly, Sep 09 2002

Thanksgiving in a can = Pabst Blue Ribbon in Kentucky..
-- Mr Burns, Sep 09 2002

Not for we lot in England? And just who invented All-Day Breakfast in a Can, hmmmmm? Yummy bits of chopped scotch eggs, baked beans, sausage and bacon all chopped up and swimming in a light tomato sauce...... um... well, it SHOULD be really good, right? I mean, it isn't Marmite, but still.

T. in a C. reminds me of my brother in the military reserves, who once, for the sake of expediency, piled salad, roast beef, gravy, potatoes, carrots & apple pie with whipped cream into a cup and ate it all with a spoon. Maybe this could be a niche market...
-- waistcoat, Sep 09 2002

By Christ! Which army gives its reserves salad & whipped cream for rations?
-- General Washington, Sep 09 2002

Well, not the Territorial Army in the UK, that's for sure.
-- 8th of 7, Sep 10 2002

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