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Product: Television: Set Top Box
That Guy Revealer   (+7, -1)  [vote for, against]
...oh, what's his name, he was in that movie with that girl? Come on! You know!

This is a device that could easily be added to the little infographic that you see on DirecTV and probably digital cable (not sure). While you're watching a movie and you can't figure out who an actor or actress is, or what else they played in, simply go to the screen that lists the main characters and start highlighting names. With every name a picture pops up with all of their other major roles, and perhaps you could even highlight some of their other movies and see who else is them. I know you could go to or something, but who wants to do that when your veggin' on the couch?
-- goober, Jun 01 2005

No, but I think he was in that other movie with Kevin Bacon. Lemme go check real quick.
-- goober, Jun 01 2005

Troy McClure?
-- coprocephalous, Jun 01 2005

<madness> My name is Micheal Caine. </madness>
-- ato_de, Jun 01 2005

Based on the itty bitty amount that I know about how digital cable works, I think this could be implemented. I can see it being done as a premium feature.
-- half, Jun 01 2005

I don't want to pay extra for it!
-- goober, Jun 01 2005

I guess people would finally know that Mad Mardigan from "Willow", The Jerk from "Top Gun", Jim Morrison from "The Doors" Doc Holliday from "Tombstone" and Elvis from "True Romance" are all the same actor. Can't make that up. (Bonus points if you can tell me who it is).
-- Pac-man, Jan 26 2006

Val Kilmer. Where's my bonus points? He also played porn star, John Holmes.

What does Val Kilmer say during climax?

-- goober, Dec 23 2007

We've had this in the UK for years.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 23 2007

Really? Can you describe it for us who aren't familiar with it? Is there a link possibly? Is it satellite, cable, or something else?
-- goober, Dec 24 2007

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