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Culture: Conversation
The Agreeable App   (+2)  [vote for, against]
Pre-recorded affirmation of your opinions and monologue enabler.

In the so-called "Real World" one is not always able to locate and surround one's self with such an erudite and perceptive audience as available on the HB. Family, colleagues and passerbys usually don't appreciate the significance of your new idea for self-buttering toast or how to really fix the economy.

'The Agreeable' is an app of pre-recorded conversational snippets for the User who wishes to expound upon the state of the world, football strategies or whatever is their topic du jour - but finds themselves alone, or worse, surrounded by buffoons who don't understand inciteful brilliance when they hear it.

Once the app is activated, you simply begin explaining your theory of why taxicabs should charge less money the longer you had to wait for them to arrive (or what's wrong with the Govt. or whatever) then The Agreeable will periodically make encouraging noises along the lines of "I see", "Brilliant", "Go on", "You've obviously thought this through" and so forth. (I realize that Max B has staff for this sort of thing but not all of us have his disposable income).

For variety, the app would have a selection of modes ranging from Fawning Sycophant, Cooing Member of the Opposite Gender (Oh baby, I wish you were running the country, it's SUCH a turn-on) to, perhaps, The House of Parliament with lots of desk thumping and "Hear, Hear"s to spur you on.

All this at your fingertips for only $1.99. If you want disaffirmation and abuse simply go on to just about any Internet forum and your needs will be met for free.
-- AusCan531, Sep 04 2013

Agree Bot Agree-bot
[JesusHChrist, Sep 08 2013]

Lem's Automathew's Friend
Just don't make your app indestructible! [create, Sep 09 2013]

MP Argument Clinic
I'd like to have an argument, please! [create, Sep 09 2013]

Hear, hear,_hear
Defiinitely not here, here. [spidermother, Sep 09 2013]

An excellent idea, do please explain more!
-- pocmloc, Sep 05 2013

Why, thank you [pocmloc] you are obviously a discerning and erudite individual. I'd be interested in hearing more of your insightful observations on anything at all.
-- AusCan531, Sep 05 2013

In all seriousness you could probably make a bit of money selling this app. Perhaps it performs some rudimentary voice analysis, tone, volume, cadence, pauses, etc, and runs an algo to respond in kind.

There was someone a while back running a toll number where people would pay to call in and rant (or get ranted at, I forget which).
-- the porpoise, Sep 05 2013

No one agreed with this idea when I first submitted it in 2008 either (link). I have found that it is much easier, (and takes many fewer programming chops), to learn to like disagreements and adversity and then join somewhere like the Internet where everyone disagrees with your shit all the time. I have annotations from all of my halfbakery ideas set to random play on iTunes. I just listen to it all day and I have found that as i encounter random disagreements, it inspires me through frustration to think more independently. I am currently thinking about becoming an American lawyer.
-- JesusHChrist, Sep 07 2013

Annotations... Itunes... but how? Is Stephen Hawking reading the Internet to you?
-- daseva, Sep 08 2013

I use Freedom Scientific's Open Book but you can convert text to speech and then to mp3 for free online I think. Google: save as mp3 text to speech
-- JesusHChrist, Sep 08 2013

An excellent idea, do please explain uuh more. You always have such wonderful and exciting ideas.
-- popbottle, Sep 09 2013

As a background in a bar it might help draw a crowd ... or start a fight.

(Here Here or is it hear hear. What does it mean?)
-- popbottle, Sep 09 2013

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