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The Channel Zorbing   (+2)  [vote for, against]
Cross the English Channel in a zorb

The English Channel, from what I've heard has been swam, jet-skiied and hovered across, so why not zorb across it?

Like those boat-tanks that they get for some people swimming long distances, why not just have one of those and put a zorb (with paddles attached to the outside) inside instead? They could run and run and run (like my friends pet hamster) until they get to France.
-- froglet, Dec 03 2005

Hydro Bronc http://www.waterspo...ore2/hydrobronc.htm
[Shz, Dec 04 2005]

Check out the video http://www.national...ds/0107/hydrobronc/
(Hydro Bronc) [Shz, Dec 04 2005]

Neat idea, but there really isn't enoughroom inside a Zorb to run - make it bigger and it should work like the over-sized hamster wheel you envisage.
-- DrCurry, Dec 03 2005

Which would make it similar to jogging across the channel. Can I get out and swim when it gets too hot?
-- normzone, Dec 04 2005

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