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There's more than one way to get high, baby

Let's face it, pubs and bars can be expensive places to spend the night out. Bar owners want their patrons to have a good time; patrons want to be able to buy drinks while still being able to afford groceries the following week.

At altitudes flown by modern airliners, the effects of alcohol consumption is up to 2 to 3 times more potent due to the reduced efficiency of blood oxygen uptake (see high altitude link).

It would probably be impractical to have a bar at sea level simulating high altitude air pressures, but a special atmosphere maintaining a reduced percentage of oxygen would provide a similar effect.

Now you can get 2-3 times the bang for your buck, with the added bonus of having a breathable atmosphere that doesn't support combustion (reduced insurance premiums; no smokers!). Finally, once patrons stumble outside, the richer atmosphere hastens sobriety.
-- Adze, Jun 11 2005

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Whose idea somehow led to this idea [Adze, Jun 11 2005]

High altitude effects and alcohol http://www.allstar....rojava/HumFac04.htm
[Adze, Jun 11 2005]

Yes but short term lack of oxygen to the brain is a very bad thing. Other than that I think its a brilliant idea. Patrons would walk through a series of air doors, entering a low pressure lounge. The floor would be made of very soft rubber and a soft chilled breeze would cool the patrons as the level of oxygen in their blood stream slowly lowered. Heart rate would slow. This would have to be a very chill bar for this to work out. I dont think techno is best when your feeling light headed.
-- 10clock, Jun 11 2005

Yes, it certainly couldn't be a dance club, or else you'd have people keeling over all over the place. Disclaimer signs over the front door, natch.
-- Adze, Jun 11 2005

Short-term lack of oxygen is bad for the brain? I'm sure they're not too concerned, seeing as how the point would be to get drunk. Definitely bunning this...
-- MrDark, Apr 17 2007

Or one might do the reverse,and pressurize the room with extra oxygen. This might not increase alcohol sold, but would increase cigarette consumption.
-- bungston, Apr 17 2007

I voted for this one jut to see how it would go.

Either people keeling over from not enough oxygen or explosive cigarettes from too much oxygen. It could be a reality TV show...."Today in the bar" Bwwwwaaahahaha.
-- colinwheeler, Apr 17 2007

That article suggests that the low oxygen partial pressure at altitude impairs brain function even in the absence of alcohol. Perhaps pilots shouldn't be allowed to fly within 24hrs of being at altitude?

Alternatively, and perhaps more practically, aircraft could have a raised percentage of oxygen in the cabin air - or at least in the cockpit air.
-- Cosh i Pi, Apr 18 2007

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