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The Count of du Plicateers   (+3)  [vote for, against]
A thrilling tale of dazzling swordplay, heaving bosoms & moustache twirling.

The year is 1627 and the plucky Huguenots are holed up in the castle at La Rochelle where they are besieged by the dull-witted, yet depressingly efficient troops of King Louis XIII and his evil, but strangely charismatic, chief minister, Cardinal Richelieu. Into this scenario come four plucky young soldiers, whose womanising and roguery is really quite charming and shouldn’t be held against them, plus a mysterious man wearing an iron mask for no apparent reason.

Our protagonists are irresistibly drawn into a tangled web of intrigue & treachery as the Count, who seeks vengeance for…oh no. This has all been done before hasn’t it? Sorry!

[marked-for-expiry] dull.
-- DrBob, Apr 01 2011

Once more, with feeling http://trailers.app...thethreemusketeers/
[theircompetitor, Apr 01 2011]

http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/plicat http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/plicat
I don't get it, eh? etc? [zen_tom, Apr 04 2011]

Plica Syndrome http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Plica_syndrome
Inflammation of the knee? Na, can't be it. [zen_tom, Apr 04 2011]

Plica (Genus) http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Plica_(genus)
A type of lizard, apparently. [zen_tom, Apr 04 2011]

Capillaria Plica http://en.wikipedia...ki/Capillaria_plica
Parasitic nematode? [zen_tom, Apr 04 2011]

Duplicate Boy! http://en.wikipedia.../wiki/Duplicate_Boy
Ahh, I (sort of) get it now... Du-plicate(er) - but towards what does it reference? Who, or what is "endupliquet" in this instance? [zen_tom, Apr 04 2011]

Idea Duplication Counter Idea Duplication Counter
Aha! Missed these ones. [zen_tom, Apr 04 2011]

Duplicated idea counter Duplicated idea counter
I must have been set to "slow" for the last few days. [zen_tom, Apr 04 2011]

Beyond Heaving Bosoms http://www.amazon.c...mance/dp/1416571221
[theircompetitor, Apr 06 2011]

so mark the *of* for deletion?
-- po, Apr 01 2011

sp. "Compte".
-- FlyingToaster, Apr 01 2011

what's wrong with heaving bosoms?
-- theircompetitor, Apr 01 2011

+for the iron mask for no reason
-- dentworth, Apr 01 2011

//'du' is a contraction of 'de le' meaning 'of the'// So the title contains a duplicate preposition? That's not a bug, it's a feature.

But I think the Count spells it "du Pliquatièrs"
-- mouseposture, Apr 01 2011

bigsleep, mouseposture, yes, but the pun, such as it is, doesn't work then does it! I too had an encounter with the Count of Kronenberg on Friday. He does get around a bit doesn't he!

tc, nothing that I am aware of. There really should have been some bodice ripping in there somewhere as well. Also, re: the link, oh god no!
-- DrBob, Apr 04 2011

Yes, sorry z_t, I can be a bit obtuse at times. I was just switching the words around to get Count of Duplicate Ideas. And then the 'eers' ending suggested Dumas and suddenly a crap idea was born! I just added in heaving bosoms to attract the low end of the market (that's you, tc, in case you are in any doubt!).
-- DrBob, Apr 04 2011

I never doubted it :)
-- theircompetitor, Apr 04 2011

/du Plicateers/ I thought that meant there was two of them. In French.
-- bungston, Apr 04 2011

Pun works OK if you pronounce "du Pliquatiers" properly. Very old family, with funny ideas about orthography. The Psmiths are a collateral branch.

But "Musketeers" is English, Dumas French. It really should be "du Pliquetaires" since the title was _Les Trois Mousquetaires_
-- mouseposture, Apr 04 2011

Yeah but no but most people would pronounce Mousquetaires as "Mouseketeers" and then zen_tom would have been sidetracked into research about the Mickey Mouse Club and would be left wondering what Britney Spears & Christina Aguilera et al had to do with the halfbakery. It's bad enough that he had to spend half the day reading about knee inflammation.
-- DrBob, Apr 05 2011

Something is very wrong with me...my breast have yet to "heave". (Or at least I think they haven't.)
-- blissmiss, Apr 05 2011

you don't know what you're missing! :)
-- po, Apr 05 2011

Have no fear, [bliss], see link
-- theircompetitor, Apr 06 2011

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