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The Electric Rainbow   (+5)  [vote for, against]
Light rail for the skies.

The problem that many pacific islands face, is that while they are concerned about climate change and erosion due to rising seas, they still need to take fossil fuel powered airplanes on their trips to Disney world and Vegas.

It is not likely anytime soon a large mass transit airplane can be electrically powered. To much electricity is required over too long of distances.

This mode of transportation corrects this. It consists of two electrified cables that run between each pacific island and major destinations. Held aloft by balloons chained to each other in a structured sky bridge, the rails provide electricity to an aircraft via brushes on the top of the craft. The airplane thereforr only needs enough power for takeoff, enough to get into the air and fly to the electric rainbow, where a trained pilot maneuvers the airplane in contact with the power source.

Then, we can have a future as imagined by those street tram visionaries that existed a century ago, skies criss crossed not with exhaust and Chem trails, but with electric rainbows.
-- mylodon, Sep 24 2019

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