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The Exploding House of the Rising Sun   (+3, -7)  [vote for, against]
A house that explodes the moment the sun rises.

It was the crack of dawn. Or was it?

Julian was taking his early stroll, when he came past a house in the middle of a field. He watched as the sun rose up and

To the soundtrack of shattering glass the new dawn was welcomed by the explosion of the house.

Julian stared, shocked at this revelation. However, like a phoenix reborn from its ashes, a new house suddenly appeared while Julian contemplated the meaning of this.

In the evening, Julian came back to the place of the exploding house of the rising sun, and watched as two unmarked vans came and filled the house with what seemed to be... gas?

Whatever it was, Julian swore he would come back tomorrow to greet the dawn with a bang.
-- froglet, May 23 2007

How does the house suddenly reappear?
-- theleopard, May 23 2007

By means of a shadowy government organisation and a secret hatch.
-- froglet, May 23 2007

Overkill. All you really need is The Fastest Indian in the World. And Anthony Hopkins.
-- normzone, May 23 2007

I think exploding streetlights would be a more fitting symbol of sunrise. The moment the sun crests the horizon, all the now useless streetlights explode. The casings could be made of hinged breakaway components, so the interior stays intact. This also allows a cool self- healing effect at sunset when the lights are needed again.
-- bleh, May 23 2007

On a sufficiently clear and cold day, the sudden heat of the sunrise could, theoretically, crack a window.
-- Voice, May 24 2007

No, it couldn't.
-- zeno, May 24 2007

Nah, I was thinking about the reaction where an area is filled with two gases, which are perfectly alright and still in the dark, but when UV light (or similar) reaches them, they instantaneously react, blowing the joint up. Something like hydrogen and chlorine - shine a light on them, and BOOM!

It'd be pretty cool to see: cold morning, person walking outside, then a house blows up. Nice way to find out when exactly the sun rises. Maybe the goverment could fund it to find out the exact time of sunrise. Or maybe I should just put this under public: evil and leave it to everyone elses imagination what this could be used for.
-- froglet, May 24 2007

Hasn't New Orleans suffered enough without housing that detonates every morning?
-- neuro, May 24 2007

Right next to the spontaneously combusting Stairway to Heaven.
-- hippo, May 24 2007

"There's a lady who shows
All that glitters explodes
and she's setting on fire the stairway to Heaven.
And when she gets there she knows
if the stores are all closed
With a lighter she can get what she came for."
-- froglet, May 24 2007

HOTRS was the first song I ever learned to play on my exploding guitar.
-- jaksplat, May 24 2007

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