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Who lives by the sword...

On the principle that you shouldn’t dish it out unless you can take it (see Public:Evil) I propose the publication of a comprehensive guide on how to turn any idea on the ‘bakery into a shambolic series of vitriolic, insulting or frivolous annos that have nothing whatsoever to do with the original topic.

Clearly many of us here are already expert in the techniques involved in achieving these objectives but I feel that a professional guide would help many ‘bakers who are never quite sure why a series of annos about, say, the wankel rotary engine, has suddenly descended into a chaotic argument about imperialist expansion in the third world.

I therefore propose a comprehensive guide on the many and varied ways on how to destroy a debate on somebody’s beautifully worked out invention by the judicious use of seemingly harmless annos whilst also avoiding being booted off the site.

Topics to be covered would include:-

- How to ease religion and politics seamlessly into a debate.
- The use and misuse of professional knowledge (real or invented).
- Using account dates to undermine newcomers.
- Boring old farts: Account date countermeasures for newcomers.
- Internet statistics: A treasure trove of misinformation.
- Name-calling and puns. How to really irritate people by abusing their login id.
- Smileys. How to post virulently abusive annos and pretend it was a joke.
-- DrBob, Aug 25 2006

Google 'Gloucester' http://www.google.c...untryUK%7CcountryGB
Loads of stats here. Take your pick! [DrBob, Sep 01 2006]

Just as a style point, it's very old-fashioned to use a colon followed by a dash as you did (after the word "include"). Modern style guides recommend just a colon on its own.
-- hippo, Aug 25 2006

Ah yes, that reminds me...

- Pedantry. The refuge of last resort.
-- DrBob, Aug 25 2006

[DrBoob]..... and also the opposite. - begins long and tiresome thread about the benefits of a series of wankel engines, each of which drives an individual piston housed in a much larger engine.... discusss. (+)
-- xenzag, Aug 25 2006

//Just as a style point, it's very old-fashioned to use a colon followed by a dash//
With a right prin it would have been a smiley face, so maybe he's sucking in his lips?
-- ldischler, Aug 25 2006

//just a colon on its own// "the sad tale of the lonely colon" - a suitable candidate for the Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest - begins: It was a dark and stormy night and the lonely colon couldn't find its way home.
-- xenzag, Aug 25 2006

...and I voted for this because there was sure to be some information about a sword in here...
-- xandram, Aug 25 2006

//a colon followed by a dash// I thought that was a tiny diagram of a three pin electrical socket in the UK. Actually my own colon is letting me know that it's time for me to dash.
-- xenzag, Aug 25 2006

...too much information there.
-- po, Aug 25 2006

Sneaky and evil.

<insert evil emoticon here>
-- skinflaps, Aug 25 2006

i've found that waving flaming swords tends to alight your hair.
-- tcarson, Aug 25 2006

I thought the title said:- Farmers guide...and speaking of the almanac my tomatoes did very well this year.
: ]
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Aug 25 2006

it must be because of [xenzag]'s manure...
-- hippo, Aug 25 2006

//I thought that was a tiny diagram of a three pin electrical socket //

It looked to me like an image of Jesus.
-- DrBob, Aug 25 2006

Doctor of what, exactly?
-- theircompetitor, Aug 25 2006

[admin: I've moved your post to Halfbakery: Criticism. (It was originally posted to Public: Evil.) Please don't post "ideas" that aren't ideas and only of local or social interest (instead, hang out at multiply); if you do post them, post them under Halfbakery:, where they don't show up on the default front page. I've also renamed it to not use double spacing for the word "halfbakery"; don't use capitalization or double spacing to draw attention. Thanks!]
-- jutta, Aug 25 2006

pictures [DrBob] retreating to a dark corner to recover from Jutta's tongue lashing.
-- xenzag, Aug 25 2006

Ah, now that's what I call a good flaming.
-- DrBob, Aug 25 2006

Rump meat, please.
-- jutta, Aug 25 2006

[phlish] I wondered if *flamer* meant the same elsewhere, as here it does mean flamboyant gay male or drag queen. That was my first thought until I read the idea.
-- xandram, Aug 25 2006

You forgot:

-Off-topic diversions; the value of sexual innuendo.

I thought I'd insert it on your behalf.
-- egbert, Aug 26 2006

The French did this years ago ...and it's baked in Japan.
-- ConsulFlaminicus, Aug 26 2006

please leave my behalf alone.
-- xandram, Aug 28 2006

"Out, vile jelly! Where is thy lustre now?". (King Lear, Act III, Scene VII).

Just thought twas time to toss a little Shakespeare into the mix, purely as a diversion to elevate the tone, but also to bear some small reference to //Who lives by the sword...//
-- xenzag, Aug 28 2006

The flames of hell are fueled in an infinite number of ways. Jesus toldeth me so, in perfect King James grammar.
-- RayfordSteele, Aug 30 2006

All this talk of innuendo and Lear compels me to let you know that I'm in Gloucester right now.
-- Fishrat, Aug 31 2006

define "in"
-- po, Aug 31 2006

//define "Aug"//
Aug is dead, I'm afraid. 'Tis now September!
-- neutrinos_shadow, Sep 01 2006

...led to the world's edge by the hand of a stranger. UB no less.
-- po, Sep 01 2006

Well, I'm in his "shire" anyway.
-- Fishrat, Sep 01 2006

//Define "Gloucester", if you would?//

-- DrBob, Sep 01 2006

// religion and politics //

How can you possibly include those two issues, while neglecting to mention abortion, gun control, recreational drug use, pornography and alcohol?

It's just blatant discrimination and you should be ashamed of yourself. We accuse you of flagrant bias and partisanship. Oh, and that coat REALLY doesn't go with that sweater.
-- 8th of 7, Mar 23 2011

//- Smileys. How to post virulently abusive annos and pretend it was a joke.
- Name-calling and puns. How to really irritate people by abusing their login id.//
Nobody would stoop so low, would they, [Dr.Boob]? :-)
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 23 2011

No, indeed, Mr Boo-cannon!
-- DrBob, Mar 24 2011

is that a lead-ing question ?

(Note hyphen to make pun more obvious to non-English speakers, i.e. Americans).
-- 8th of 7, Mar 24 2011

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