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The Good Ghoul Guide   (+1)  [vote for, against]
Meet interesting people and eat them.

An important need for undead is to ensure a good diet, to ensure that they substain themselves throughout their unlife. In fact the discerning chewer of carrion needs "The Good Ghoul Guide".

This details the best places to meet, greet and eat the right kinds of people. Recommendations for meeting people by types exists along with a spotters guide so you can find easily find the purest sources of the Burger Bloater, the Teeny Bopper and the Nimby. Top tips are also included on how to devour your dinner date.

This book is not recommended for people on their first life.
-- Aristotle, Oct 30 2002

Throw a Donner Party http://www.halfbake...0a_20Donner_20Party
Shameful self-promotion from someone who hasn't yet crossed over. [phoenix, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

The Onion had a funny bit a few weeks ago: (something like): Zombie Nutritionist Recommends Diet Rich in Brains. It doesn't seem to be in their archive though.
-- snarfyguy, Oct 30 2002

is there a section on blood banks? best vintage years etc.
-- po, Oct 30 2002

The undead have been know to eat brains, human carrion and blood amongst other things. So I suppose [po] that the GGG would probably branch out into blood as well, with recommendation for the bluest blood, people with steel in their veins, etc.
-- Aristotle, Oct 31 2002

Maybe it exists. In which case, I'm on the "If you see, get the heck away" list.
-- Shadow Phoenix, Oct 25 2007

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