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Use the Flu, not Fear it

Instead of fearing and avoiding the present contagion humorously named the swine flu, there is an urgent need to find positive uses for the Swine Flu.

While some may dismiss this idea off-handedly, swiftly concluding that there is no practical use for an evolved virulent virus that attacks mankind sickening billions of persons and causing the weak to perish, still others may find that every scourge has a benefit albeit difficult to conceive. Thus the List of Practical Uses for the Swine Flu becomes timely and essential, since the swine flu may evolve into something else as quickly as it arrived, before practical uses for the flu are identified and implemented.

The List of Practical Uses for the Swine Flu is the first step in the scientific reduction to useful products. While many scientists are very able in solving problems by delving deeply into a problem they are often deficient in expansive thinking.

For example, perhaps the list could alert scientists that they could use its virulence as a vector to transmit useful molecules for suppression of pathogens or for mico-inoculations against other diseases such as malaria, small pox, mumps, heart disease, liver ailments, cataracts, aids and cancer and pneumonia prevention.

Instead of fearing the monster Swine Flu and spending countless hours blaming government officials for not producing enough vaccine to immunize everyone at once, how about using the same time and energy in a positive way, modifying the Swine Flu into a positive and sought-after natural innoculation so that people throw away their masks, rejoin public transport and concerts, go back to school and return to coughing into their hands instead of armpits.

el dueno
-- el dueno, Nov 08 2009

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