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Product: Musical Instrument: Organ
The Megalomaniac's Melodica   (+2)  [vote for, against]

All this talk of steam calculators had me pondering about fluidic amplifiers.

If you have never played a melodica, it's a wonderful experience. It's like playing a piano and a saxophone at the same time.

Fluidic amplifiers, amplifying a flow of air... there is only one conclusion.

Breath-controlled church organ.
-- mitxela, Feb 27 2014

Fluidic Amplifier http://en.wikipedia.../Fluidics#Amplifier
[mitxela, Feb 27 2014]

A melodica player
[mitxela, Feb 27 2014]

Wouldn't it be nice to say "our church organist blows"? +
-- xandram, Feb 27 2014

That melodica thing looks like some kind of strange digital accordion. Sounds like one, too.
-- RayfordSteele, Feb 27 2014

I'm visualizing something like a really oversized set of bagpipes, here.
-- Vernon, Feb 27 2014

//strange digital accordion//

It's not digital - the recording quality of the linked video is a bit poor - but it is a free-reed instrument like a harmonica or an accordion. Except unlike an accordion, you blow. And unlike the harmonica, it has a keyboard.

//really oversized set of bagpipes//

We might build a special edition, just for you, which involves numerous air bags. However, the primary product will be slightly less drone-y and slightly more evil-genius-y.
-- mitxela, Feb 28 2014

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