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Where once there was gunfire, now only annoying music

Everyone was pleased to see the UN's latest peacekeeping taskforce roll into town. Crowds from both sides of the divide gathered to watch the peace organ being assembled.

Once fully erected, the UN troops prepared for the amnesty. combatants from either faction started throwing in their weapons.

Then it was time to start the peace organ, which was essentially a huge incinerator with thick blast shielding. The key component however, was the series of pressure valves, which would open as the pressure crossed certain levels, releasing a high-pressure jet of hot air to power a set of generators before exiting through a harmonic pipe.

The tune of the war that never was rang out across the city for all the hear. Never again would they risk such an assault on the ears.

Oh yeah and it sent power to some homes for a while too.

Ok, be honest, how many of you thought it was going to be a big nob?
-- marklar, Feb 12 2009

don't think modern armament is that flammable, tends to get designed quite to the contrary, but with the payload and ammo, perhaps it is zero sum?

Anyway, bun for the peacenik effort
-- loonquawl, Feb 12 2009

//Ok, be honest, how many of you thought it was going to be a big nob?// - well, you still haven't told us what shape the peace organ is.
-- hippo, Feb 12 2009

//Where once there was gunfire, now only annoying music//
So, it's a giant iPod, mounted on a bus?
-- coprocephalous, Feb 12 2009

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