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Public: Tax
The Rich Haven't the Time   (+3, -3)  [vote for, against]
A service to help the wealthy in the short time they have available before their governments tax away their money.

Congratulations! You hit the lottery, collected the bet of a lifetime, have inherited from a deceased head of state to whom you hadn't realized an ancestry .... whatever. Point is, you're now filthy rich and looking up the way to a whopping tax due on your windfall. Maybe you're just naturally stinking rich; this is for you.

Simply put, it's a purchasing service that places a significant portion of your money into tax deductible government lottery tickets that can be incrementally charged off against your tax liability. Usefulness derives from the sheer numbers of tickets that must be purchased and verified to manage a timely effort at ridding yourself of the suffocating wealth and its attendant tax bite.

Good luck!
-- reensure, Jul 29 2005

I don't know about everywhere, but here in the States if you spend $1 on a lottery ticket and win $1 million you are entitled to offset $1 of your income for the price of the ticket and potentially saving a dime in tax but you have to remit about 50% of your $1 million in tax eventually. If you were to turn around and sink the $1/2 million you're about to remit as tax into 1/2 million lottery tickets, your income would be offset by 90% of the playments in your government sponsored lottery. I see it as a license to play without penalty while eventually securing more winnings from being counted as income.

Only problem is -- you're rich! Who has the time to manage all those thousands of quick-pick purchases, and you're now a person of leisure (Oh, the irony!). Hence, you'd jump at the chance for to hire a lottery playing service. Think of the updates and accountancy reports you'll be entitled to.
-- reensure, Jul 30 2005

So the point is to win the lottery ... then raffle off a tax deductable portion to others ... so the goverment doesnt charge you for taxes? I'll [+] or [-] after you explain more thourally (<-wtf kind of spelling is that?)
-- Sudok, Jul 30 2005

So if you go out and buy several more thousand lottery tickets, all you will do is simply drive a demand for someone to create more losing lottery tickets.
-- RayfordSteele, Jul 30 2005

sp. thoroughly. I think. But, as many know, I have terrible spelling...
-- froglet, Jul 30 2005

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