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The Sano-Matic Restroom Sanitizer   (+5)  [vote for, against]
For those emergency situations

The Sano-matic Sanitizer is intended for use in those uncomftable situations we have all encountered: being faced with the tramatic reality the one has no choice but to sucumb to the use of a less than sanitary public restroom. Lets admit, none us would ever choose to submit to the use of those loathsome chambers if it were not out of complete necessity. As well, unfortunately, I fear even the best of us, at one time or another, have found ourselves "hovering" while using a public restroom. Needless to say, this is a compromising, undignified, and humiliating position for any of us to assume - not to mention the tremendous leg stength required to maintain such a position thoughout the process, which can only act as a distraction to the unpleasant business at hand. At any rate, the solution lies below:

This handy high pressure 3 in 1 device would come in a container resembling a small, portable fire extinguisher. The first line of defense would be a highly potent, professional grade sanitizing cleanser. The high pressure cleaser is thus sprayed upon the toilet not only killing germs but forcefully washing them away as well. Round 2 is a high pressure stream of water briefly used to wash away any remaining unpleantries, as well as the cleaning chemicals. Remember - better a wet floor that you being exposed to the remnant evils of the general public. Finally, the 3rd chamber contains pressurized air used to dry the toilet, readying it for sanitary use. The air could even contain a very small amout of air freshener to give the user an added sense of relief and comfort.
-- milkbone, Jul 24 2002

Exeloo Automatic Public Toilets
self-cleaning, vandal-resistant, loiter-deterring lav's [Johnny Mash, Jul 25 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Or you just could go behind a tree.

There is a major disadvantage to a wet floor - the clothes you have pulled down will get wet, thus exposing you not just to the remnant evils of prior occupants but also the new ones you have just sprayed on it. I rather think that if spraying everything in sight with Lysol is not up to the job, you really don't want to be in there.

(Besides, I thought modern public restrooms sprayed themselves with high pressure cleansers?)
-- DrCurry, Jul 24 2002

[DrCurry] Behind a tree you say -?- What about at a crowded beach?? An amusement park?? An office building?? Between classes on a university campus?? In New York City (I'll give you Paris)??

Good point about the water on the floor; however I expressly say "briefly" use the water, plus it would be aimed at the toilet, not the floor, and further, that which dripped to the floor would end up behind the toilet due to the direction of spray.
-- milkbone, Jul 24 2002

Baked, dried, and sanitized for your safety. See link.
-- Johnny Mash, Jul 24 2002

Maybe it could be powered by a piezoelectric toilet seat.
-- polartomato, Jul 25 2002

[Johnny Mash] your link is only for those toilets - not for all toilets - I think you miss the idea here for your automatic toilets and this idea are not the same, for it is a device that can be brought with you anywhere - to any toilet.
-- 5, Jul 28 2002

// There is a major disadvantage to a wet floor - the clothes you have pulled down will get wet //

I don't let my clothes touch the floor even when it's dry…

// The high pressure cleaser is thus sprayed upon the toilet not only killing germs but forcefully washing them away as well. //

Some of the liquid that has touched the toilet will splash off and get on you. I've used public bathroom sinks where the faucet has a nozzle that sprays with such speed that the water actually reflects off my hands back into the air and gets my arms wet, when my arms are higher than my hands. (It's especially troublesome because it does this even when I'm just getting my hands wet at the beginning of the washing process, when they're still dirty.)
-- notexactly, Dec 09 2018

The obvious answer is to have a large mass of radioactive strontium and/or cobalt behind a thick* lead door. When cleaning is required, the door slides back and the area is flooded with intense gamma radiation, killing absolutely every living in the room.

Do not enter when the red lamp is illuminated**.

* Very thick. Very, very thick.

** Or an intense, eerie, yet strangely beautiful purple-blue glow is visible, although by then it's probably too late.
-- 8th of 7, Dec 09 2018

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