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This device is similar to the well known Clapper(™), but is tunable to the frequency of a parrot's squawk.
-- Laughs Last, Aug 07 2008

what if you only have a budgie?
-- po, Aug 07 2008

I can squawk like a parrot pretty well. Plus this would reduce false alarms so I'll give it a bun.
-- phundug, Aug 07 2008

It should be tunable to a selection of other specific sounds, such as a cat meow, dog whimper or bark, birds (pets or wild), mouse/pest sounds, water faucet running, laundry machines, TV or radio playing, landscapers (mower, leaf blower), mail truck or garbage truck arrival, etc.

This is partially baked by water "splash" alarms for swimming pools, and dog "bark stop" devices. But detecting and monitoring sounds would be useful for home automation. Even if one has budgies.
-- Amos Kito, Aug 07 2008

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