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The Weather Man Hanger   (0)  [vote for, against]
A coat hanger that tells you which clothing is appropriate for the weather

This hanger (which also incorporates no- stretch technology) has the ability to read the temperature/humidity inside of your clothing and compare it to the temp/hum inside your closet (through a separate reader in your closet). This allows it to determine it's "weather appropriateness". It then connects to the Internet via blueberry (or by dialing in directly on the hanger after looking it up yourself) and finds out the median temperature throughout the day.

As you open your closet door, little green, yellow, and red LEDs rate the level of weather appropriateness.

By pressing the "layers" button on multiple hangers the device will tell you weather (get it?) they can be combined on that particular day
-- SpocksEyebrow, May 12 2005

And I thought this was to hang weathermen/women when they totally botch the forecast x times in y days.

Where we live, it would make great sport. People could even bet how long a weatherperson would last. It would certainly put an end to the stormgasms they get every night on the news.
-- jaxmeier, May 14 2005

How did I ever get dressed without this technology? How did I ever skip a day's work without the excuse "I can't get dressed today, the gateway on my clothes selector is down."
-- wagster, May 14 2005

jax, a better idea, actually.
-- blissmiss, May 14 2005

It was sorta the idea for the name..
-- SpocksEyebrow, May 14 2005

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