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Don’t just mark your page, mark your word.

This bookmark for the anal-retentive is a cardboard or plastic disk with an arrow printed on it. The arrow points to the edge of the disk which can be rotated and moved up and down in the spine pointing to any word on the page.

You may need several sizes depending on the severity of your anal retention.
-- bneal27, Mar 30 2008

Halfbakery: Pointing Bookmark Pointing_20Bookmark
Same problem, slightly different solution. [jutta, Mar 30 2008]

This might be baked, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I found a line marker, but not a word marker.
-- bneal27, Mar 30 2008

Why not individual letters?
-- nineteenthly, Mar 30 2008

Because it's too hard to stop reading mid-word.
-- bneal27, Mar 30 2008

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