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Below the ideas and anno's deep
Far, far beneath the voluminous archive
His ancient, undreaming, uninvaded sleep,
The 'Baker sleepeth: faintest bandwidths drive
His shadowy presence; and above him swell
Huge votes of millenial growth and height;
And far away into the sickly screen's light,
From many a-where wondrous Bakers and Trolls dwell
With unnumber'd and enormous votes aby.
Winnow with great arms the lurking white
There hath he lain for ages, and will lie
Battening upon huge debates in his sleep
Until the latter fire shall heat the deep
Then once by 'baker and moderator, to write
In roaring he shall rise and on the surface sigh.
-- froglet, Nov 07 2006

The Kraken http://www.cs.rice....rels/poems/896.html
The original, as written by Alfred Tennyson. [froglet, Nov 07 2006]

//And far away into the sickly screen's light// First run through I read as STICKY not SICKLY...kinda funny.
-- Chefboyrbored, Nov 07 2006

I like the imagery and the idea of there being some ultimate 'baker, lurking on the site and biding their time before they emerge to post the most devastatingly brilliant idea that any of us have ever seen. I think you could create a whole new religion around this.
-- DrBob, Nov 07 2006

It's DrBob! Prophet of The Baker!
-- hippo, Nov 07 2006

It is time to get your buns in order, The Baker IS.
-- Chefboyrbored, Nov 07 2006

Heh! Surely "There is only one true 'baker and DrBob is his prophet!"?
-- DrBob, Nov 07 2006

he's not a prophet, he's a naughty boy...
-- po, Nov 07 2006

//Sounds like the ravings of Nostradamus. [+] for managing to copy both.//

*falls off chair laughing*

I had originally intended this to be about the longest lurker rather than the ultimate Halfbaker, but then I realised that it'd work better sounding like a 'baker who'd been 'sleeping' or lurking a long time and eventually will come out and leave the rest of us stuck for words or ideas.
-- froglet, Nov 08 2006


*dives for cover*
-- froglet, Nov 08 2006

[UB], I think that's the second time that you've posted a megalomaniacal and/or evil laugh.

Have you been taking your anti-megalomania pills, or have they been trying to discover if you're really a sufferer of the Devil's Advocate effect?

-- froglet, Nov 09 2006

UB, I think that hand dryer is broken. You can use this one when I'm done.

-- Canuck, Nov 11 2006

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