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The no-mess chef   (+2)  [vote for, against]
A Cooking show specifically tailored for those who hate getting their hands dirty and hate cleaning up.

This cooking show doesn't propose that you use disposable plates and wear extra heavy duty gloves while you whip up some hand mashed ratatouille.

Someone other than Jamie Oliver will be the star of this show. The no-mess chef must defy conventional culinary philosophy and not focus on presentation, taste, speed or the number of times one can say pukka without spitting all over the food.

Instead, the no-mess chef will prepare meals that require minimal scrubbing of dishes and minimal contamination of one's precious digitalis by edible objects.

The no-mess chef should air at a time slot that maximises the number of upper-class jeep driving wives watching.
-- phlegm, Oct 22 2003

Why do you consider digitalis to be precious? Have you a heart condition?
-- bristolz, Feb 02 2005

"One-Pot Recipes You Can Eat Over The Sink -- For Bachelors"

I like it. Combine with ads for "Pet food for humans"? (another hb idea)
-- not_only_but_also, Feb 03 2005

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