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Culture: Game
The pi dollar game   (+5)  [vote for, against]
Add notes and coins from various currencies to make $USD3.141592....

To play this game you simply need a list of today's exchange rates and information about the denominations of each currency (and a calculator for each player, probably).

The rules are:

1. The player who can demonstrate the highest accuracy of pi dollars in USD using notes and coins from around the world wins.

2. An order of magnitude accuracy is deducted for each 2 coins / notes used (you can't win by simply using a low-value currency such as Zimbabwe coins for high accuracy with lots of coins).

3. An order of magnitude accuracy is added for each new currency introduced (which further encourages the deft use of multiple currencies).

-- not_only_but_also, Jul 28 2013

Two variations I have considered are:

1. Add strategy element by having a limited amount of each currency randomly assigned, and allowing trading of currency between players.

2. Add a chance / speculation element by allowing one hour of real currency fluctuations to unfold before (re)calculating the results.
-- not_only_but_also, Jul 28 2013

Sorry, one more variation to make it interesting:

3. Add time pressure by combining 1. and 2. above. That is, players are assigned random allocations of various currencies and can trade them for better combinations. But they must hurry, because real-time currency fluctuations will be allowed to occur right up to the point a player calls their last trade.
-- not_only_but_also, Jul 28 2013

I am leaving this comment here just because I feel bad for you that you are the only one commenting on your idea. It's a pity comment. Hope you don't mind.
-- blissmiss, Jul 28 2013

Oh dear [blissy] - I'm not sure [not_only] would really appreciate the pit comment. Perhaps best to let the idea die a slow death of apathy.

I couldn't imagine being bored enough to play this game, expecially with a few dollars/dineros/pesos lying around. But that's just me.
-- Custardguts, Jul 28 2013

I like it [+] except for the UScentric stuff... though I imagine it would be more of a "my computer can kick your computer's butt" thing than doing it with pen, paper and currency exchange sheets.
-- FlyingToaster, Jul 29 2013

Delightfulmissies, nonnewtonianentrails, projectileappliances and largesonambulariats!? Oh dear me. It is getting crowded in here.

I much preferred it when it was just me and my own conversation with myself about precision currency games and confiding in cola.
-- not_only_but_also, Jul 29 2013

Once upon a time, travelers in Europe could play a practical version of the game, trying to cobble together a motley assortment of different currencies and coins to buy something at a train station.

I am trying to think of other regions with countries so densely packed as Europe, where a traveler might find him or herself with a polyglot pocketful. Maybe West Africa?
-- bungston, Jul 29 2013

Presuming that there exists a currency that hovers near pi dollars in exchange and bounces on either side of it, getting a very precise value seems to be only a question of serendipitous timing.
-- RayfordSteele, Jul 30 2013

A bun from me because I like the idea, but sadly the only people I see as equipped to play it would be those at work as foreign exchange cashiers. It's doubtful that anyone else would have access to a sufficient range of currencies to make it feasible.

(I know there are 'enthusiasts' and 'collectors' who might have coins and notes of several currencies on hand but they're unlikely to have the requisite 'friend' to play with/against.)

Of course if it were packaged up as a boxed game and included 'Monopoly money' in a range of currencies it might get off the ground, but then only with the kind of parent who seeks out 'educational' games by which their children can learn while they play.

Nevertheless I look forward to that time at the end of a world tour (by which I mean to celebrate my retirement) with pockets laden with coinage and banknotes collected from scores of countries, when I shall be able to indulge myself with a solitaire version of this game. I may even put in a little extra mental effort to keep the grey matter active by adding new constraints, such as requiring prime numbers.
-- Tulaine, Jul 30 2013

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