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'Aren't you going to clean that up?' 'Nah, let it take care of it's self.'

Millions of people around the world come home after a day of hard work, hop into bed with a cup of hot chocolate or milk and fall asleep. The problem is that many of us have a tendency to knock the cup off the bedside table. You now have the problem of your floor being coated in a layer of milk and broken glass. One of two options are available; pretend you don't know anything about this and leave it to clean in the morning or pull yourself out of bed at 2am in the cold to begin squeegeeing. The problem with option 1 is that you tend to forget and then after lying in thinking that you have plenty of time to get to work, you stand up and your feet are submerged in a puddle of off milk.

Recently I have purchased this protein shaker (see link). I have noticed that when dropped, it will only spill about half of its contents. If we make one side heavier by adding a weight, the majority of the time it will roll leaving the heavier side on the ground. If the weight is on the side opp the spout, and the container is only filled to the specified level, we will reduce the amount spilt drastically.

Beer mug coming soon.
-- danman, Jul 09 2009

Protein shaker http://www.thesuppl...SN%20Shaker.jpg.jpg
[danman, Jul 09 2009]

tommee tippee cup http://images.googl...p&ct=title&resnum=4
[dentworth, Jul 09 2009]

tommee tippee cup is weighted and has a lid also.
-- dentworth, Jul 09 2009

Yes dentworth, but it is weighted to always stand up. This is possible because it is as tall is it is wide. What I am proposing is very different. Lid is included.
-- danman, Jul 09 2009

21, a sport bottle wouldn't by hygienic and the problem with travel mugs is that they are expensive and pretty much all have a vacuum system which breaks easily when dropped.
-- danman, Jul 09 2009

The old weighted cup trick, eh?
-- daseva, Jul 09 2009

// I've dropped it many times //

Is this what passes for entertainment in your part of the planet ?
-- 8th of 7, Jul 09 2009

I prefer having a young lady in a short toga feed it to me with a spoon.

I've asked a few young ladies but so far all have declined.
-- wagster, Jul 10 2009

I just made the prototype and it worked really well, though it would be better if the opening was closer to one side and if the hole was smaller.
-- danman, Jul 12 2009

[+] for the idea of drinking hot chocolate in a tippee cup in bed.
-- sninctown, Jul 12 2009

So, this is for holding a bedtime drink of milk or chocolate? So why is the ultimate juice bottle?

Also, I would like to question your premise that "many of us have a tendency to knock the cup off the bedside table". I'm pretty sure it's just you, really.
-- MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 13 2009

Maxwell, at gym, I would like to know that if I have to drop this 1 litre bottle, it would not spread its contents and wet everyone's phones and towels ect. (which are all kept on the floor). It is just one small design feature that could be built into just about every bottle as a precaution.

I have made a couple prototypes and they all work very well, it is so easy to add a small metal bar to one side of a juice bottle to shift the centre of gravity.

21 Questions, personally I avoid drinking milk out of a porous cup. The lid set up on a sport bottle isn't designed to be used for milk. It is too small and I don't want to have to wrestle with it at 3am to get it open, rather I would like to leave the bottle open and allow the gaseous build up to be carried away with the good ventilation that this bottle will provide.
-- danman, Jul 13 2009

the older ones (remember thick plastic?) got scratched and abraded, wherein lies nasty lil'beasties of lore. The newer ones are simply poisonous.
-- FlyingToaster, Jul 13 2009

//Ultimate juice bottle// - what we made from the last litre of crude oil in the world
-- vincevincevince, Jul 14 2009

//Thermos, then?//

21, what we have come across is an easy way to stop half your drink pouring all over your floor. The idea its self is extremely basic and easy to integrate into many bottles. All you need to do is place a rod of steel on the side of your bottle.

What I have written in the description is just shows how useful this can be in just one example. It is the concept that we are looking at. Sure you can use a thermos if you insist, but I would just like a simple plastic bottle to take to gym ect.

we could also sell a strap on weight-- where weight is inside a long plastic piece, which has perpendicular pieces of plastic sticking out and which wrap around bottle-- underneath which is a form of double sided tape which comes with the product. Different strap on weight for different bottles.
-- danman, Jul 14 2009

basically you're proposing a "weeble" cup weighted on the side opposite the lid opening, rather than the bottom. I don't see the advantage over a weighted, rounded bottom.... a "booty bottle" if you will.
-- FlyingToaster, Jul 14 2009

Wow. I really had no idea what was going on here. I thought this was an idea for some sort of weighted cup.
-- daseva, Jul 14 2009

Look FT, its a simple way to reduce the amount you spill when you drop a juice bottle. No more, no less. This could easily be introduced into all bottles. It is in no way similar to the tippee cup as it does a very different thing-- it rolls to the side opposite the lid to reduce loss, it is not as wide as it is tall and does not always stand up.

Sure, this is a solution to a small problem, but that is not what we are accessing.
-- danman, Jul 14 2009

it does exactly what a 'tippee' cup does except you have the weight on the side instead of a rounded bottom. And if it's wider than it is tall it's just as likely to land on it's head in which case your side-weights won't make a difference.

(note to self: duct-tape juice bottle right-side-up to cat or wrong-side-up to toast)
-- FlyingToaster, Jul 14 2009

[Edit- not as wide as it is tall]

21, this does not have any thing to do with a baby bottle.

The idea from the tippee cup could possibly be integrated into sport bottles, but that is not this idea.

We are adding weight to one side of a bottle to make it roll to the side opposite the lid, thus reducing liquid loss [Full stop]
-- danman, Jul 14 2009

21, we have outlined the issues with these many times in the last few days.
-- danman, Jul 14 2009

I'm definitely missing something. So, you have a sports drink that only makes you gain weight on one side? And if you fall while you're drinking it you will come to a full stop?
-- daseva, Jul 14 2009

An on-demand system; half-inch plastic hose within arm's reach (but slightly spring/weight loaded to return to out-of-the-way position); terminating in a Peltier cooled Dewar flask would be both hygenic and convenient in that you'd only need to fill the jug once a week or so. Replace/wash the mouthpiece as often as you would a drinking glass.

The jug would be under the bed so no worries about accidentally knocking it over.
-- FlyingToaster, Jul 14 2009

Ooooh. Thanks [Quest]. I understand now. It's a weighted condom! for her pleasure. Now *thats* halfbaked.. And it keeps the liquid in even when you're laying on your side?? Genius: I hate taking them off directly afterwards. +
-- daseva, Jul 14 2009

21, what I am proposing is that bottles, like the sport bottles shown in the link, should have a metal bar fitted in the side opposite the spout. This would reduce the amount of liquid you spill when it is dropped.

These non spill bottles are easy and cheap to produce and the design can be implemented into many other bottles.

This is particularly useful when your bottle does not have its lid on.

Sure, some of the liquid it contains will be lost, but the amount spilt will be seriously reduced.

The problem with regular sport bottles is that most nutrient shakes are too thick and vicious to be drank through them, hence we use a bottle with a wide spout. If this is bumped over, however, you instantly waste your expensive drink.

USN is already making these bottles, why not add a small metal bar to one side?
-- danman, Jul 14 2009

What's going to keep it from spontaneously knocking over due to all the fantastic weight on the side? What I think you found is a classic case of an unsolvable problem. You need weight to keep it from spilling completely, but the weight you add is going to make it spill *more often*. It's apples calling kettles black before they hatch, my friend.
-- daseva, Jul 14 2009

Daseva, The weights can act to lower c.g., thus increasing stability.
-- danman, Jul 14 2009

K, dan, now you're really going in circles. If you wanted to lower the c.g. you should have stuck with the sippy cup model. If you have a //bar// along the //side// then your c.g. is going to be shifted up and to the side opposite your spout. I'm sorry but that's just the way it is! If you're bar is somehow conical so that it keeps more weight near the bottom... well, you should have said that. Maybe have half a bottom weight, being on the half opposite your spout?
-- daseva, Jul 14 2009

No, Daseva, the aim is not to lower c.g. but the weights can be low lying-- my experiments have shown that this will does not reduce stability by any noticeable amount, but it does actually inc. stability on the one side.
-- danman, Jul 14 2009

Sure, I could have included it in previous statements, but there has been no need-- the amount of weight we add is really not large enough to result in an unstable bottle.
-- danman, Jul 14 2009

Then it won't be large enough to save your drink very well.

Catch 22, that's what I wanted to say earlier..
-- daseva, Jul 14 2009

//Then it won't be large enough to save your drink very well.// The data disagrees, once the bottle is on its side, it turns to the heaviest side. The lighter weight does slow this process, but it is fast enough to provide the satisfactory results.
-- danman, Jul 14 2009

'data' is plural. And you don't have any. Neither do I, though, so... cheers!
-- daseva, Jul 14 2009

Daseva, what evidence would lead you to draw that conclusion? For the sake of your argument, lets just say I don't.

The laws of physics will still apply.

//'data' is plural// Does this alter my argument? Does this alter the viability of the 'idea' that we are discussing?
-- danman, Jul 14 2009

I believe Jhomrighaus has been reincarnated. sorry...
-- dentworth, Jul 14 2009

21, we have been referring to a USN bottle- a 'protein shaker'.
-- danman, Jul 15 2009

Hand over the buns please.
-- danman, Jul 15 2009

You are really going to ask for the reasons why 'data' MUST be plural? You're going to be the first scientist ever to get *one stinking number* in his hand and herald the Nobel Prize.
-- daseva, Jul 15 2009

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