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Thermochromic Hair Dye   (+15)  [vote for, against]
Just don't wear a hat.

The treatment would consist of two dyes: a red dye that is transparent at 0°C, subtle at room temperature (22°C) and vibrant at body temperature (37°C) and a blue dye that is transparent above 10°C, slowly going opaque as you approach freezing point.

The result, hair that is vibrant blue at freezing temperatures going through purple to burgandy to red as you go indoors, getting more vibrant as you sit in the sun.

But that's not all. Taking into account skin temperature, the hair would be different shades along its length, the roots being a richer red than the tips. Do some aerobic exercise and your hair would be a shock of red by the end of it.
-- st3f, Apr 11 2005

Color-change Barbie
Well, they can do it with a doll... [whippinggas, Apr 11 2005]

great for discos.
-- po, Apr 11 2005

[looks at link] Maybe we should do a thermochromic wig first, then.
-- st3f, Apr 12 2005

You know somethang? This would scare the bejesus out of that fucking Tom thats taken over the bloody neighbourhood

Would make me look like a ruddy Lion.
-- The Kat, Apr 13 2005

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