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synchronised tightrope walking

Tightrope walking demands the highest level of balancing skills and contolled movements. It's a most worthy event, and a great equiliser re bodytypes, sexual orientation and age. I'm a big fan of tightrope walking and have posted several related ideas on the halfbakery.

I also like the synchronised swimming event, and once posted Synchronised Drowning. I now bring the idea of Synchronised Tighrope Walking as a proposed Olympic Event.

This would envolve at least two walkers on two parallel ropes traversing the spanned route using perfectly synchronised movements. This would include all wobbles, twitches, tentative steps, going forwards at various speeds, going backwards, turning around, balancing on one leg etc. All movements of the two walkers would have to be deliberate and identical.

Marks would be awarded for technical merit and artistic impression. Synchronised tightrope walking could be enlarged to create a Super Synchronised team event with the two sets of participants moving across multiple ropes in formation.

Also under development: Synchronised Bungee Cord Diving
-- xenzag, Jul 30 2021

Synchronised_20Drowning [xenzag, Jul 30 2021]

[+] beautiful idea - and more likely achievable than synchronized drowning.
-- a1, Jul 30 2021

tks - but don't give up on Synchronised Drowning. It's still one of my most fav ideas.
-- xenzag, Jul 30 2021

Excellent. Although the looong technical hiatus of HB didn't help matters, the loss of some of our most brilliant, most abusive members really has seemed to have reduced membership. Some people came just for the abuse.
-- 4and20, Jul 30 2021

Surprised we haven’t seen synchronized gymnastics yet.
-- RayfordSteele, Jul 31 2021

I also proposed Synchronised Climbing as an event.
-- xenzag, Jul 31 2021

//and a great equiliser re bodytypes// ... except that hemihyperplasics are shit out of luck: but you can't please everyone, so have a bun anyway. [+]

(Autocorrect wanted me to offer you a gun, but I'm pretty sure you'ld prefer a bun).
-- pertinax, Jul 31 2021

No, I take that back; in the Paralympics, hemihyperplasics would compete in this event in mirrored pairs.
-- pertinax, Jul 31 2021

I usually get great ideas fueled by The Olympics. However, this year they are on very early and I don't turn on the tele till late.

I love this idea, and as usual, it has quite a beautiful visual that is embedded in the idea. +
-- blissmiss, Jul 31 2021

//synchronized gymnastics//
There's team events in the rhythmic gymnastics (5 per team, IIRC).
-- neutrinos_shadow, Aug 01 2021

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