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Can I borrow your thing?

Every thing is identified and tagged by the network. That way, when you need a thing, you can ask the network and it will tell you where the nearest one is. Then you can go and ask to use it.

Tagging can be via chip or barcode, manual data entry, or image recognition.

Central server could hold directory of all things, or each networked device could share peer-to-peer data on things it knows about or can see.
-- pocmloc, Jul 19 2017

...but every time I lend tools they come back broken. Insurance for this will be problematic.
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 20 2017

Owner can refuse, or can opt-out.
-- pocmloc, Jul 20 2017

Exponentially, this would still have to have a set local radius. Problems are always a fraction of the good and a fraction of the fraction won't make good on the problems.
-- wjt, Jul 22 2017

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