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Three Handles   (+6, -4)  [vote for, against]

All public doors should have three handles so you only have a one in three chance of catching something from the infectious person who used the door before you.
-- simonj, Apr 29 2009

Damned impudent....
[Ling, Feb 17 2012]

hah, Ian got there before me.

simonj, I think this should be a hundred handles at least.
-- po, Apr 29 2009

I'm all for elbow-operated door handle designs.

Then all you have to do is to remember not to lick your elbows ...
-- Aristotle, Apr 29 2009

It should be a rotating handle design where the closing of the door causes the next handle to appear while the one you just used retracts into the door where an automated disinfectant spray cleans it.
-- phundug, Apr 29 2009

Three handles on two coffee cups, perhaps?.
-- gnomethang, Apr 29 2009

LOL just watched the "fork handles" sketch having never seen it before
-- simonj, Feb 16 2012

... and the title made me think of it all over again - our thought patterns don't change much in 3 years do they?
-- po, Feb 16 2012

[po] - Yer sweet, m'lady.
-- gnomethang, Feb 16 2012

[gt], you're nuts, mylord
-- Ling, Feb 17 2012

I wish I could give the link one cross ant.
-- phundug, Feb 17 2012

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