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Tin Plate Shoes   (+1)  [vote for, against]
They look like tin toys

A collection of high fashion casual street shoes that use art lithographed tin plate bonded to man-made breathable and flexible materials. They would have a cool, metallic finish with bright future retro artwork reminiscent of '50s tin robots and car toys. Some could have lights or wind up keys.
-- wombat, Nov 24 2003

Check out those shoes http://www.neatstuf...ts/wu-astronaut.jpg
[wombat, Oct 05 2004]

For some reason, I like these better...? http://www.physics....s/images/klaatu.jpg
[Klaatu, Oct 05 2004]

Bad metal shoes
Not very comfortable these [wombat, Oct 05 2004]

you're *all* heart, tin man +1

with the proviso, they don't hurt your feet!
-- po, Nov 24 2003

Strangely, I like this...
-- galukalock, Nov 24 2003

I'm seeing mine as a pair in bright yellow and red with big white numbers on them. (Don't know why numbers -- just seemed to fit: kinda like thunderbirds meets bowling shoes). I'd want mine slightly pre-rusted to give that really austhentic retro look.

Winding up the shoes should allow extra moving parts and maybe even a flint that throws sparks out the back the way some old tin robots do.

Strangely, I like this too...

Where can I order? (read: please bake this!)
-- not_only_but_also, Nov 25 2003

I'm thinking Campbell's soup or Heinz baked beans.
-- FarmerJohn, Nov 25 2003

[+] link
-- Klaatu, Nov 25 2003

Not these. See link.
-- wombat, Nov 25 2003

do you need a tin opener to get out of them?
-- po, Nov 25 2003

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