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With the advent of sunbeds, along comes a wave of reports of teenage girls, younger than 16, using sunbeds just for the effect of looking like celebrities (and, no offence to them, some celebrities probably donated their brains to medical science and never told anybody - not that anyone so far has noticed the difference if they're stupid enough to get sunburnt all in the vain pursuit of looking good).


The Toaster Coaster is a mixture of a roller coaster, a sunbed and a ghost train, in which a person, thinking that they're going to get a suntan, goes into the sunbed and, at the request of the owners ('for legal reasons' they're told), buckle themselves in. The sunbed then turns on, and the occupant realises that it's not a sunbed at all, it's actually showing the effects of skin cancer, and then the roller coaster bit starts. It takes the person for a spin, doing loop the loops and what have you, all the while the booths' speakers are parroting off the number of skin cancer deaths, and how old people look from getting exposed to the sun so often.
-- froglet, Dec 18 2005

Legally questionable, but vastly amusing.
-- 5th Earth, Dec 19 2005

Oops - didn't realize I'd said anything offensive. Sorry.
-- moomintroll, Dec 19 2005

[moomintroll] No, you didn't, I just clicked on 'delete' instead of 'annotate' (which I've been prone to do from time to time). Then, a few hours after I accidently deleted your anno, I deleted the summary bit.
-- froglet, Dec 19 2005

Attendance here would be limited ... I mean, fawning young girls who would risk tan lines for anyone else's legal mess and all.

This does sound to me a bit like a way to keep the lines moving at the super orient buffet.
-- reensure, Dec 19 2005

That's a relief - was worried.
-- moomintroll, Dec 19 2005

Then show a head shot of Paris Hilton morphing into a Shar-pei!
-- classic2j, Dec 19 2005

This would be funny as heck to watch. I have never had to tan, but I have seen people that tanned for years and now look like a leather purse.
-- DVineMissEva, Dec 20 2005

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