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Get to work on time.

More than once, I've been late for work because I wanted to listen to the end of whatever bit on the Today Programme I'd started listening to, but wasn't able to drag myself away from.

I propose a network of speakers, arranged like lampposts so that as you walk/cycle/deliver milk down the road to your office/tube station/car-park/shop at any time between 6am and 9am, you will be serenaded by topical interviews and sharp political comment, without all that silly carrying about of radios nonsense.

Crime would probably cease instantly, people of all kinds would all have a shared pool of information from which to draw into their conversations with one another, political apathy would subside, and the whole country would be brought together through the power of a common shared daily experience, encouraging more people to walk to work in the mornings.
-- zen_tom, May 10 2007

The Today Programme
[zen_tom, May 10 2007]

Speakers http://images.googl...ages?q=pa%20speaker
[zen_tom, May 10 2007]

can I re-tune in to music?
[po, May 10 2007]

Strangely enough, it's normally the daily Today interview with an irritating politician that drives me out of the house in the morning.

On the other hand though, if I'm running a bit late, I find that Mr Bragg's programme at 9 o'clock is very difficult to tear myself away from. Thus making me even later.
-- DrBob, May 10 2007

Oh, *that* type of speaker. Thanks for the link [z_t]
-- theleopard, May 10 2007

This would bring Charlotte Green to a wider audience, so [+]
-- hippo, May 10 2007

People might start to speak proper, init.
-- theleopard, May 10 2007

[DrBob] but imagine the feeling of walking along, listening to the Right Honerable member for XYZmsbury explaining in detail exactly why it's *still* not their fault that everything they're responsible for is rubbish - and having the opportunity to vent your frustration in public, in the open, where your fellows can see it - rather than from behind the walls in your breakfast room.

In this way, really annoying politicians might spark spontaneous displays of genuine public feeling (riots) and so get removed from office far more quickly than they currently tend to, where annoyance is generally expressed by stirring one's tea slightly more rapidly than usual, or in really extreme cases, by throwing one's toast at the cat.

This way, politics is brought back out into the open, into the community, where it has relevence.

[po] I thought of that - and nope - but you can have a portable radio and some headphones if you want.

[theleopard] quite.
-- zen_tom, May 10 2007

-- theleopard, May 10 2007

<plays xylophone on fishbones>
-- po, May 10 2007

<plonk-plink-plunk> "hi-de-hi bakers"
-- zen_tom, May 10 2007

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