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Toilet Paper Steamer   (-1)  [vote for, against]
Just in time for winter.

The cold, dry fibers of toilet paper can be abrasive. These can be softened by the moistening warmth of steam. Steam can be pumped into the roll to permeate the layers or as a steaming manifold that surrounds the roll affecting the outer layers.
-- rcarty, Oct 31 2011

eww- I think that would make *wet* toilet paper!
-- xandram, Oct 31 2011

Proof of concept is toilet paper after a steamy shower.
-- rcarty, Oct 31 2011

Surely it would be easier to generate the steam by having the water in the toilet held permanently at near-boiling point? Thus, by the time you get to use the toilet paper, your arse would be pre-steamed. Splashback might be an issue, I suppose, but not an insoluble problem.
-- hippo, Oct 31 2011

This idea is a slippery slope, [rcarty]. You'll be using a bidet by the end of the week.
-- swimswim, Oct 31 2011

Perhaps each sheet of poo roll should be micro-engineered to have within it tiny waterproof sealed tubules. The steam would be pumped through from the centre, and would billow out from the torn edge of the last sheet. So all the sheets would get warmed, but only the final one would get steamy.
-- pocmloc, Oct 31 2011

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