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...televisual relief.

Tired of the endless crap on TV?

Now you can turn the tables (at least metaphorically) with the latest designer toilet incorporating a fully working television laid into the bottom of the bowl.

Carefully tune-in to your least favourite programs and celebrities, before relieving yourself of stress and bio-hazardous waste at the same time.

Urinal and public versions available with special screenings of the country's least wanted.
-- zen_tom, Sep 14 2009

Halfbakery: Toilet Bowl Of Doom Toilet Bowl Of Doom
Credit (where it's due) to [UnaBubba] [zen_tom, Sep 14 2009]

Charlie Brooker would like this.
-- theleopard, Sep 14 2009

What do you mean "Credit (where it's due) to [UnaBubba]"? - who came up with the idea of piping television programmes to [UB]'s toilet? - I don't know ... damn newbies ... grumble, grumble
-- hippo, Sep 14 2009

Oh yes, oops - and props to [hippo] for his fantastic entwistification of [UnaBubba]'s idea into this (as [theleopard] astutely points out) Brookian notion.

I'd also like to thank Armitage Shanks, for making toilets, [jutta] for providing this website and I'd like to thank my agent and everyone at work who let me slack-off enough to type up ideas and annotations.
-- zen_tom, Sep 14 2009

Stop blubbing Gwyneth.
-- theleopard, Sep 14 2009

Dinnae shit in ma mooth!
-- calum, Sep 14 2009

I'd also like to thank [Absolutely] for the word "Gwynneth" and (also on a Welsh theme) [Irvine] for the Acid Hoose.
-- zen_tom, Sep 14 2009

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