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Topsy Turvy Windows   (+4, -1)  [vote for, against]
Turn your world upside down

Windows which you look through and everything is upside down.

I need some help with this one..I think it would be pretty cool to look in or out of a room and everything is upside down.I remember years ago looking into an old camera and the same effect happened with prism's and mirrors and a few widgybits and also if my memory serves me correctly the box with the hole on the side turned everything upside down when you looked into it,now do this with a window either looking in or looking out.
-- skinflaps, Oct 10 2002

Thick convex windows? Just don't let the curtains get too close on a sunny day.
-- Mr Burns, Oct 10 2002

Stand on your head.
-- waugsqueke, Oct 10 2002

smopuim umop apisdn
-- thumbwax, Oct 10 2002

thumbwax, dyslexia comes in very handy^...
-- hollajam, Oct 10 2002

Pin-hole camera window? Make the window about 4 feet deep, close off the outside except for a small pin-hole, make the inside of frosted glass. This should work
-- senatorjam, Oct 10 2002

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