Science: Extraterrestrial Life
Total Silence   (+2, -1)  [vote for, against]
A minimalistic approach to get Extraterrestrials to come to us.

We send out so many markers to the surrounding stars that we have progressed to a certain technological level. Anything intelligent enought to decipher our minimally coded electromagnetic waves will see that we aren't of a level that they want to communicate with probably 'cause we can't send out anything consistant or mature by there standards. Much like the gurgling and cooing of a baby. I propose total silence. Try to dampen the emf of any motor or insuficiantly shielded wire, run only whats needed. Limit broadcasted information to only the directed of the kind, or hopefully fiber or laser transfer. Then try to dampen or jam anything that goes beyond Earth space. I'm sure that the stellar community will sit up (or equivallent) and take notice.

Questions like: Why is the baby silent? (Parents know silence is all kinds of scary with kids.)

Are they ok?

Why do they feel they have something to hide from US?

They'll be here in a jiffy.
-- sartep, Apr 22 2003

Ha! Even though I'm a guy, that's funny.
-- sartep, Apr 23 2003

<E. Fudd>Be vewwy, vewwy, qwiet... Here, have a dewishus pastwee while you're waiting...</E. Fudd> +
-- Don Quixote, Apr 23 2003

Not me. I'm completely 110% terrestrial.
-- sartep, Apr 23 2003

-- pluterday, Apr 23 2003

D. duck , ."...hurry porky there'th thumb-thing thuthpithshuth going on on planet eckth........

My guess is that toejam's openning annotation is not sexist. Otherwise it wouldn't be tolerated . At least one gender can take the cheap shot.....
-- peter2, Apr 30 2003

What if our random signals are the only things disrupting their invasion fleet and/or deathray?
-- chud, May 04 2003

They might take our sudden silence as evidence that we've built ourselves a Dyson sphere (or, as they call it, an Orb of Ckel'pftorx-Glak), and investigate.
-- friendlyfire, May 04 2003

Who says they havn't visited us already?
-- DarkRanger, Jun 22 2003

Well, yes but I wish they would stop by more often. Some of us need a ride.
-- sartep, Jun 22 2003

Aliens: Never mind that Voyager space probe thing. It was the 70's. We didn't know what we were doing.
-- Cedar Park, Jun 23 2003

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