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Touch and Glow

You wake up in the middle of the night and head for the kitchen/bathroom/garden/wherever - it's pitch black and while you know your way around, a little light would be helpful.

So you let your hand glide along the wallpaper, and as you do, it responds with a gentle glow (powered/triggered by the pressure of your hand) that follows you as you walk down the hall, leaving a ghostly trail that fades over time.

The same technique can be employed to generate footprints in lino.
-- zen_tom, Oct 05 2010

+ can be used in conjunction with... for_20women_20mostly
[xandram, Oct 05 2010]

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[theircompetitor, Oct 15 2010]

In the links "Safer than dropping acid"... Tracer_20Pool_20Table
[normzone, Sep 18 2014]

//let your hand glide along the wallpaper// and oops, down the stairs head first again.
-- po, Oct 05 2010

Kids can draw pictures on the wall too!

Like it. It's like Pandora interior design.
-- theleopard, Oct 07 2010

There are waterborne organisms that emit luminescence when disturbed. They may be useful?
-- infidel, Oct 08 2010

The footprints thing could be cool. Save your night vision when you stumble to the toilet at 3am.
-- infidel, Oct 10 2010

All sorts of phosphorescent technologies could pull this off.
-- RayfordSteele, Oct 10 2010

This idea just needs a new title and a bit of dusting off. I like it.
-- blissmiss, Oct 11 2010

Make it in a floral pattern and call it Aurora Wall Flora?
-- infidel, Oct 11 2010

Nice. Perhaps the paper could somehow harness "free energy" from the environment and store it, so it can be released at the spot when you need it. Now we need to find a non-crackpot source of free energy (Ambient light? Temperature difference between wall and interior air? With enough surface area, this might work--but is unlikely to be cheap)
-- cowtamer, Oct 12 2010

I'm slow on the bun, but here it is, finally. [+] Nice, fun idea.
-- Boomershine, Oct 14 2010

How about a wrist mounted LED flashlight that detects your state of conciseness via EEG and adjusts it's brightness appropriately? It would be cheaper I bet.
-- bluebeaversscrubbingourfloors, Oct 15 2010

( serious announcer voice)

" Federal product safety regulators today announced the arrest of [zen_tom] in relation to his LLC Touch Activated Glowing Wallpaper, and the associated marketing phrases "Touch and Glow" and the widely popular "Safer than dropping acid".

Studies show that chemicals used in the manufacture of this product, collectively referred to as "magic", contain chemicals contributing to brain damage in users.

Next up, who's gay? "
-- normzone, Sep 18 2014

We already have this in Japan, thanks to Fukushima.
-- not_morrison_rm, Sep 19 2014

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