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Swim as you tour.

A new fleet of tour buses for those who like water…. a lot, because Ÿ of the bus is a swimming pool. The front quarter of the bus is like a regular bus with a seat for the driver, a space with some other seats and a stationary ladder to enter the pool. (No diving boards at this time because of Insurance reasons.) The bus body is made of durable plexiglass for viewing in or out. There is also a “wave pool” option, just in case the movement of the bus isn’t enough to create waves or if the bus stops for scenic views. Floating pool chairs are allowed for extra comfort. There are sunroofs to open in good weather. You may take a tour of a desert area and find yourself completely cool and relaxed in the BusPool. You make take a city tour and feel the same. There is water-slide exit at the back of the bus for emergency exiting or occasionally the bus will pull up to a lake and allow the passengers to use the slide for recreation. So get your tickets and swim suits and go BusPool Touring now.
-- xandram, Apr 11 2006

The cheaper alternative http://www.donnasue...images/tub_show.jpg
[skinflaps, Apr 11 2006]

The Luxury Version http://www.nlslimo....etch_of_Stretch.htm
[jurist, Apr 11 2006]

The toll bath. http://www.sacredco...cgi?excuses_excuses
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 11 2006]

The down under version http://www.geraldto...stralia/default.asp
[cromagnon, Apr 11 2006]

You'll end up with one BusPool and 50 tow trucks to pull the thing. Water's heavy.
-- phundug, Apr 11 2006

Oh, did I forget to mention the Jet Engines?
-- xandram, Apr 11 2006

Well, now the truth is revealed.....

There is more than 1 autoboner!
-- xandram, Apr 11 2006

But only one auto-churner.
-- AbsintheWithoutLeave, Apr 11 2006

<edit> Here layed a comment by me that sounded a bit like whining, so I deleted it.
-- xandram, Apr 11 2006

I vaugely remember one of my friends telling me that his uncle travelled across Australia in a swimming pool on the back of a truck. I can't find any links, but I'm seeing him in about a months time, so I'll ask him and get back to you then...
-- daaisy, Apr 11 2006

oh, and another thing...croissant from me!! I like the clear perspex aspect of it- It would be fun to see drive past, as well as fun to travel in. Exciting like seeing a limo drive by, but without the selfish exclusivity.
-- daaisy, Apr 11 2006

Well [daaisy] thank you. It's good to see there are some folks who know how to have fun!! and cool story about your friends' uncle, please get photos of his trip!
-- xandram, Apr 11 2006

From the looks of it, I'm thinking I want to be in Australia! Great link [cromagnon] I love creative ways of raising $$ for a good cause.
-- xandram, Apr 12 2006

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