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Tourette's Syndrome Chat Room   (+27, -5)  [vote for, against]
You type normally, it swears like a trouper.

I don't think that this would have any long term appeal but could arse liven up a dull day shit. Obviously highly offensive to anyone who actually does fuck suffer from this arse condition. Your honour.
-- st3f, Feb 07 2002

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Hell yes!

PS: Is there any name for the clinical condition in which every other word is "rainbow"/"kite"/"bunny"?
-- pottedstu, Feb 07 2002

oh. I thought this would be a chatroom where it is acceptable for Tourettesers to converse without prejudice. ((In reality, people with this condition can probably keep a lid on it when they type but I suppose some people type so fast that their thoughts just spill out)). What does the 'your honour' mean?
-- sappho, Feb 07 2002

-- LardyBloke, Feb 07 2002

//PS: Is there any name for the clinical condition in which every other word is "rainbow"/"kite"/"bunny"?//
Teletourettubbies... or is it Touretteletubbies? Rainbow, I don't pinkin' know, bunnywabbit.
-- thumbwax, Feb 07 2002

I think this is a great arsey shit-wank idea fuck. Do you tits plan on motherfucker setting it up, arse-rodgering?
-- goff, Feb 07 2002

Reminds me of the Not The Nine O'Clock News sketch ("Well, that's all the lipstick around the nipple we have time for tonight").
-- hippo, Feb 07 2002

I'm sure there's some joke I could make about highly offensive arse conditions...
-- CoolerKing, Feb 07 2002

The tourette's lady in Deuce Bigelow (a stupid but funny movie) really, really cracked me up. Personally, I would love to date a guy with the disease, though I would have a hard time not laughing. Just to be precise: uncontrolled swearing is not a universal symptom of the disease.
-- quarterbaker, Feb 07 2002

No way; no how … can't be done, isn't because no interest, since when it's raining in Cincinnati some Tourette's kid will sign in an autocorrection just makes a three fucking garage band out of it.

¯pottedstu: re: / …Is there any name for the clinical condition in which every other word is "rainbow"/"kite"/"bunny"? …/ Unknown, but my clinical experience is to be alert for signs of a rapid decline and beware, oh beware, signs of impending doom from the afflicted one.
-- reensure, Feb 07 2002

The language I can handle, but the idea itself... I must admit I find it somewhat offensive. If you took the condition out of it, and just talked about a chat site that randomly inserts curses into dialog, I'd be fine with it. I just have a problem with making fun of people who suffer this condition.
-- waugsqueke, Feb 07 2002

waugs, I know where you're coming from and I understand. I don't set out to cause offence but won't avoid issues just because they may do so. I also believe that there are few if any things that humour cannot touch if it uses a light enough grip. I'll re-read all this have a think. If this idea goes you'll know the outcome of my thoughts.

[later - the idea stays for the moment. To rename it would be patronising and superfluous. To delete it would merely be looking away. People will associate random swearing in an otherwise normal sentence with Tourette's whether I mention it by name or not. To name it is at least to pay it heed. A couple of trims have been done. Let the halfbaking continue.]
-- st3f, Feb 07 2002

// I also believe that there are few if any things that humour cannot touch if it uses a light enough grip. //

I totally agree. As an example, there was a running character on "Ally McBeal" who had Tourrette's Syndrome (suprisingly well played by Anne Heche). I thought they handled it incredibly well. It found the humo(u)r while still respecting the situation.
-- waugsqueke, Feb 07 2002

// I also believe that there are few if any things that humour cannot touch if it uses a light enough grip. //

What a fine sentence that is.
-- bristolz, Feb 07 2002

It might have been finer still with a couple of commas in it.
-- st3f, Feb 07 2002

I was commenting, on the, sentiments, not the punctuation.
-- bristolz, Feb 07 2002

-- thumbwax, Feb 08 2002

As I understand it, Tourettes most commonly manifests itself as twiches and involuntary ticks and the occasionally odd sound. Really focused swearing is much less common.

Hard to tell the difference between a Tourettes patient and any group a teenage boys on a good day.
-- RobGraham, Feb 08 2002

What about a mild bother Tourettes syndrome blast chat room dash it all.
-- Gordon Comstock, Feb 08 2002

How about a schizophrenic chat room? or not.

Waugs, I'd rather have Tourrettes than watch Ally McBeal //finding the humour yet respecting the situation//. urrgh
-- notripe, Feb 08 2002

Ally McBeal makes me wanna puke
I wonder if its subliminal suggestion.
-- thumbwax, Feb 09 2002

is it the baby thing TW?
-- po, Feb 09 2002

Hi, my name is Morwenna. I have Tourette's Syndrome. My symptoms are jerking my head to the side, puckering my lips like I want somebody to kiss me, and making a quacking sound. It's very embarrasing, and I can't control these symptoms, they just happen on their own. I don't have any friends because of this, everybody either is afraid of me and stares at me strangely when I'm 'touretting', or they make fun of me and call me names like "Duck Girl" or imitate me. It makes me lonely, and I wish I had a friend, or a boyfriend who would love me for who I am and understand my disorder.
-- Morwenna, Jun 06 2002

Welcome to the halfbakery, Morwenna -- the place where you can quack like a duck and nobody will mind. They probably won't even notice.
-- st3f, Jun 06 2002

Morwenna - I know a duck when I see one, and you're no duck.
Welcome to the halfbakery
Be fearless
-- thumbwax, Jun 06 2002

How does the saying go... "on the internet, no-one knows you're a duck."

Morwenna, the mouth movements you refer to, that's called tardive dyskinesia, I believe. Are there any medications available that reduce the severity of the symptoms?
-- waugsqueke, Jun 06 2002

I think it would be a great idea because it could be modified to be used with a braill computer for the tourette deaf blind segment of the population.
-- shradius, Jun 06 2002

One of my friends has a horse that is ill, and one of the suggested diagnoses is Tourette's syndrome. Now, I know it isn't funny, either in people or horses, but the mental picture of a horse walking around making sudden movements and swearing is enough to get me giggling. I guess in reality it is a nervous system disease in horses.
-- TeaTotal, Jun 06 2002


1) I think that people are often prejudiced. When they see someone "different" from them, they tend to assume that something is wrong, and if something IS wrong, they tend to assume that it is greater than it actually is. For example, a blind woman once told me that people tended to raise their voices around her. She was BLIND, not deaf, so why did they raise their voices?

2) I am worse. I have a social disability. Sometimes, I think that the way I perceive the world is more accurate than the way others perceive it. Example #1: I do not think of the way members of certain ethnic groups dress is particularly weird. A necktie, for instance, must seem weird and useless to many. Ditto high heels and stockings. Example #2: I tend to walk around in public when I am restless. Other people do not walk around so much. If they exercise, they pay a huge monthly fee to a health club. Example #3: People make friends by getting to know each other first. Same with finding boy-/ girlfriends. Why don't they write personal ads -- DETAILED, ACCURATE personal ads, so that you need not get to know each other? There is no incentive to lie, because one who does is setting up the other person for disappointment, and the other person will probably get pissed at the old "bait and switch" tactic and leave!

Basically, Morwenna, your logic should be: "If you are too shallow to realize how prejudiced you are, I want ZIP to do with you anyway!"
-- juuitchan3, Jul 19 2002

morwenna, i feel for you, i know that pain, hearing people are just soo pretentious, ( im deaf) I can smell it a mile away, I get that same 'prejuidice, mine's out of langauges ,fluidly in conversations etc, and what have them to 'be social creatures' and yours is out of appearance,even just twitches... but the common ground is that the 'comfort zone' are used to shut out people...its not funny, its fucken mean!!
-- fluffybuds, Mar 16 2003

No kidding - I got a bunch of hair lobbed off recently - which means I no longer look like Jesus, more like DeNiro in "Heat" - so I get the ol' overenunciated, hollering <star-ing at my hear-ing aid>"HEL-LO THUMB-WAX, I AM NOT STAR-ING AT YOUR HEAR-ING AID WHICH I DIDN'T, I SAY, DIDN'T RE-A-LIZE YOU WORE, YOU IM-BE-CILE!"</star-ing at my hear-ing aid> routine again.
-- thumbwax, Mar 16 2003

-- egbert, Mar 16 2003

pottedstu: 11-year old girl syndrome.
-- andrewm, Mar 16 2003 tourettes isn't this bad..........i just jump around..........( but i haven't been diagnosed, so i might be wrong) father has a tendency to shout names of soccer players in quiet mother presses her fists to her brother grunts and sister crushes her hands between her knees.......we all jump and make grimmaces........though we all can stop doing these things easily....... thats why i'm not sure we have tourettes............and we all do it when we feeel pleased with something we've done.......ya'll are worse than us!
-- haha, Jul 14 2003

morwenna enjoyed the opportunity to savour our world, mad as it is, and we welcomed her as we would you, our anonymous reader and baby.

I am sure we all have only good loving wishes for your lovely child! she is blessed with love, your love...
-- po, Jan 21 2004

[st3f], troupers don't swear, they do backflips and ride unicycles.
-- rdbartlett, Jan 21 2004

Not a subject to make fun of.
-- python, Jan 21 2004

One kid (with Tourette's) I've met was the same age as my hyperactive brother and, even when unmedicated, much nicer. His "outlet" was drumming.

One of the interesting effects of this is that he was completely incapable of lying. I don't know whether that's the case for other people with the syndrome.
-- Detly, Jan 23 2004

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