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Photo Essay of People who just discovered their car was towed

Fairly often as I walk around the city I come across a car in the process of being towed. The car in question was obviously just left "for a minute" while the driver (or "parker" I should say) ran into a store or something. (i.e. parked on a busy street that allows no parking at all, with the flashers on).

The idea is to wait around for the parker to return, and take some pictures of their reactions. The point of the whole project is to capture some high end emotion.

I do not think it would be too hard to figure out who the driver was, but it may be hard to get close enough, early enough, to get a good picture. You would have to see them coming,...probably the person rushing out of the nearest doorway or something.

I think this could also prove dangerous as emotions are sure to be running high at that point and any parkers with violent tendencies may let loose. (I am sure pictures from across the street may work just as well)

If you are not murdered for taking the pictures, you could venture forth and ask for a quote or something to use as a caption.
-- blahginger, Jun 30 2000

what people look like when you smash their cellphone
"The point of the whole project is to capture some high end emotion." [gnormal, Jun 30 2000, last modified Oct 17 2004]

If you have your own tow truck and a friend to drive it, that would cut down on the amount of waiting you would have to do...
-- PotatoStew, Sep 15 2000

May be you could tow away the tow truck and then check out the expressions of the tow truck drivers.
-- Mung, Feb 21 2001

for a safer and less chance-reliant technique, you can set up cameras at the impound lot and catch the anger evinced when they find out what they'll have to pay to get the car back.
-- djymm, Mar 25 2001

Just make a deal with the local tow truck dispatcher to give you a call when they are sending out a truck.
-- bristolz, Dec 27 2001

Going back to that friend thing: Try to tow a cop car. Tell them it's being repo'ed.
-- phoenix, Dec 27 2001

whats the odds on blah being a pedestrian or a sadist or both?
-- po, Dec 27 2001

re po ssessed bliss
-- po, Dec 27 2001

Uh, yeah. Repossessed. That's it.
-- phoenix, Dec 28 2001

[gnormal]: I recall the site at the other end of that link being revealed as a fake. Can't remember the circumstances of why, but I'm positive that it was one of those internet hoax things...
-- snarfyguy, Dec 28 2001

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