Sport: Miniature Golf
Tower Putt   (+12)  [vote for, against]

This idea was inspired by a putting comp around our office. Every floor in your office tower should have a small hole in it, in a different spot on each floor. The object is to start at the top of the tower and putt your way to the ground floor in the least amount of shots. Beware walking under a hole! (ok, we can put a tube running from the hole in the ceiling to the floor to stop workplace injury claims). Get to know your fellow building occupants while you put around their desks!
-- simonj, Nov 04 2007

-- the dog's breakfast, Nov 04 2007

The 'cube-farm' type of office might be a problem here. In order to (a) avoid some very dull passages of play and (b) sustain the original purpose of getting to know your fellow building-occupants, you'd need a quantity of crazy-golf devices to get the ball over, under or through each cubicle wall.
-- pertinax, Nov 04 2007

It's so vertically oriented!
-- quantum_flux, Feb 10 2008

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