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Product: Office Supplies: Staples
Tracer Staples   (+3, -2)  [vote for, against]
Never have your plans thwarted by running out of staples

The antepenultimate staple in a strip should be hot red so that users are never shocked (and saddened) to find themselves holding an empty stapler. [update] ok, so I've just seen that my idea isn't so original (see 'Staple empty indicator') but my lawyer tells me that I could still get a trade mark for my branding, which is way better than 'staple empty indicator')
-- insufficientlycooked, Jan 03 2009

You will have to remember to insert it the right way around.
-- neelandan, Jan 03 2009

"You have five papers remaining"

-- wagster, Jan 03 2009

You never refill your stapler before it's empty? Many times if starting a big job or if I find some staples I'll refill before it goes empty. Also I rarely look at the stapled papers and can't imagine how you'd make it bright enough to be noticed by the person stapling without maring the possible task for which it is stapled. "Wilkinson, your TPS reports were rejected because one of the staples was red." Sorry (-), this turns a minor annoyance into a possibly not minor annoyance.
-- MisterQED, Jan 03 2009

they could start out girly pink and progress to red...
-- po, Jan 03 2009

Mr QED, it seems wilfully cavalier of you not check your stapled papers. However I do take your point regarding TPS reports, I wouldn’t want anyone to lose their job over a commie red staple. Luckily, I have an alternate proposal. A small explosive charge placed towards the end of the strip of staples. It is guaranteed to grab your attention (unless you work in a particularly busy office), and your precious TPS report will receive a standard vanilla staple (after you’ve wiped off the gunpowder residue). Mmmmm, vanilla staples.
-- insufficientlycooked, Jan 03 2009

Yes, I agree I am willfully cavalier.
-- MisterQED, Jan 04 2009

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