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someone starting their own business in animation

Tracy just graduated and was looking forward to starting her new job with a big animation studio, but those plans fell through. Her friends get together and start their own studio. Some episodes can be based on anecdotes of real animators, ala Seinfeld.
-- the great unknown, May 09 2007

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Sounds like Ally McBeal with a pencil-case. [-] Can she have an annoying tendency to fantasise and indulge in cheesy conversations with her "crazy" cartoon creations?
-- zen_tom, May 09 2007

nh: applying those criteria would blow out most if not all of the ideas in the television section. If we have this category, then clearly the idea is appropriate. If neither very half-baked nor very inspired.

tgu: I think you should throw in partial animation, like Roger Rabbit and such (not to mention good writing, which is usually what makes or breaks these shows). Though are you sure you want to make a show about an ant?
-- DrCurry, May 09 2007

I don't think ideas for sitcoms should be ruled out on principle, but I agree that there isn't much to go on, here - why is this particular show interesting to watch? Are there any particular things that happened to animators that you'd find interesting?

So far, I'm thinking that they're underpaid, overworked, and sit in front of the computer all day. That's not captivating TV.
-- jutta, May 09 2007

If we deleted lackluster ideas, there would be much less to read here.
-- DrCurry, May 09 2007

Halfbakery doesn't seem like the approriate place for pitching sitcom ideas.
-- nuclear hobo, May 10 2007

A few people getting together to make their own shows is pretty baked. It's called "indie." Doing it as animation is also not unheard of...

I believe there's an M-F-D for baked, and one for not an idea. One of these probably applies.

Perhaps I'm missing something, but it sounds to me like some clarification is needed, because some of us here don't seem to be spotting an original (or at least an apparently original) idea.
-- ye_river_xiv, May 10 2007

I wasn't thinking of another Drew Carry Green Screen Show, so backgrounds would be the same as other shows.

Unless a cartoonist “sees" their characters ala Ally, I don't think I would have such on this show. It may show some cartoons in the process of being created, but I don't think live/animated combo would be done.

I'm thinking more in the lines of Friends/Seinfeld. I'm sure if someone posted a show about nothing/gang hanging at a coffee shop, you would say they were "uninteresting"

This idea is semi-based on real life, and there are other details, but I didn't think it would be necessary in order to get the point across.
-- the great unknown, May 10 2007

If someone were to suggest the exact concept of Friends, I would probably call it uninteresting.

My thoughts run similar to [jutta]'s. It's damn hard to keep people interested in TV shows. I can't imagine what about this would be captivating in the slightest.
-- hidden truths, May 10 2007

I wanted to mark something for the halfbakery tagline, but [the great unknown] won't let me... [sniff]
-- theleopard, May 10 2007

The hard part of creating a successful sitcom is not the 'sit'. Nobody cares about the sit-part.

If you're telling someone about a really enjoyable situation comedy - what parts do you focus on? Do you describe the situation, the characters, or the comedy?

A good sitcom could be lifted out of one situation and dropped into another. Friends (before it got tired) could have worked in space, in an office, or in Satan's Firey Cavern - it just wouldn't have mattered. Likewise, Ally McBeal would have been just as bone-wrenchingly cringeworthy if it had been set in a lawyer's firm, rather than some alternate reality where every particle of the universe runs on the fundamental principle of "cooky".
-- zen_tom, May 10 2007

Right Zen, I only gave the premise. I didn't give details of plot(s) nor characters. I believe when doing a show one needs to be open to all sorts of changes and make compromises. A lot of shows of this kind are based on the comedians/actors that star in it. One character is Tracy's uncle who helps by giving them a place and equipment for their studio. He's offbeat but always able to give sage advice. One storyline is them going on a road trip to a film festival so they can show their work.
-- the great unknown, May 11 2007

I'd disagree [Lt]. It's not a particularly great idea IMHO, but I'd say it goes beyond the pun considerably.

[the great unknown] considering the amount that you seem to have thought about this, perhaps this isn't the best place to be pitching it.
-- hidden truths, May 11 2007

I concur. The idea stays, dissatisfying as it is.
-- jutta, Jun 08 2007

Now, the Halfbakery as a sitcom, THERE'S an idea (cue explosion, crashing sounds)
-- normzone, Jun 08 2007

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