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Traffic management system   (-3)  [vote for, against]
Measures to stop blockages in supermarket aisles

How about a meeting area in every other aisle so that customers can talk in an area to the side of an aisle thus allowing others to pass. A trolly "traffic warden" could direct talkers to one of these areas so that congestion is minimised.
-- tarby, Jan 24 2002

Jutta is right - it is more a lanes idea http://www.halfbake...dea/trolley_20lanes opposed to an area for people to chat [po, Jan 25 2002]

An interesting idea, but it'll never happen.
-- phoenix, Jan 24 2002

I don't think it would be very long before the supermarkets used the extra space for setting up more merchandise displays.
-- TeaTotal, Jan 24 2002

Baked in all 3 of my Grandfathers Supermarkets
-- thumbwax, Jan 25 2002

You have three grandfathers?
-- hippo, Jan 25 2002

Yes. Paternal, Maternal, Step-Maternal. The Step-Grandfather was the one referred to. Oddly enough, I came back to this idea because it occured to me that someone, saaaaaay hippo might come along...
-- thumbwax, Jan 25 2002

Agh - rumbled!
-- hippo, Jan 25 2002

How odd that all three grandfathers own supermarkets. The same one, or three different ones?
-- waugsqueke, Jan 25 2002

po, if you've seen this on the halfbakery, a link would be nice. (I don't remember seeing this particular measure of "meeting areas", although there were suggestions for lane systems.)
-- jutta, Jan 25 2002

not practical
-- sridhar236, Jun 30 2006

// not practical//....oh...oh dear.
<goes away giggling to look at Cow Trolleys>
-- moomintroll, Jun 30 2006

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