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Magic tricks that end in death, maybe.

Magic has been so overdone in our culture, and people have been so overexposed to it; they never expect a major magic trick not to work. It is almost unimpressive to see a magic trick work anymore because one expects what happens.

For the sake of magic, so it can last, a new form of magic must become mainstream: Tragic Magic. In Tragic Magic not every trick works. Some tricks result in death, or some other tragedy.

The examples are fairly obvious. Assistants will really be sawed in half, volunteers will get severe paper cuts from trick cards, the rabbit in the hat will die of suffocation, wand related eye-pokings, and other tragic mishaps.

These unfortunate occurances will make magic tricks that end with success seem all-the-better and be very beneficial to the entire magic industry, and increase the enjoyment of magic for all unharmed people.
-- ImBack, Dec 24 2002

Penn & Teller
You really need to see Penn & Teller live sometime. [krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

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No offense but this is pretty twisted.
-- madradish, Dec 24 2002

Ever read Penn & Teller's Cruel Tricks For Dear Friends? There's a hilarious account of The Greatest Magic Trick I Ever Saw within.
-- thumbwax, Dec 24 2002

No, but I will, Thanks.
-- ImBack, Dec 24 2002

Bravo! You understand theatre!
-- futurebird, Dec 24 2002


-Master Thespian (SNL)

Hear no evil, think no evil.

-Some religious guy. (Bible, or something)

Yaay, Futurebird!

-ImBack. (
-- ImBack, Dec 24 2002

Hey, this kind of thing works for NASCAR.
-- wgmcg, Dec 25 2002

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