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I always look at what books people are reading on the train, quite often it's an old or secondhand book that would not currently be on the bestseller list. I'd like to see a website that complies lists of what books people observe other people reading. It would give a much better overview of whats popular than the bestseller lists.
-- simonj, Mar 13 2009

airport library http://www.nytimes..../16iht-library.html
[Ford, Oct 08 2010]

Saw a guy reading Cancer Ward the other day.
-- simonj, Mar 13 2009

I would have to learn to read upside down and/or backwards. But what the hell...I'm game.
-- blissmiss, Mar 14 2009

But page turners would come out low on the list because people are done with them in a few days, whereas they keep lugging around the long-winded chunks for months.
-- placid_turmoil, Mar 14 2009

Just toss 'em over when they pass or do they pass?
-- blissmiss, Mar 14 2009

Should have a train borrowing library (or is this already baked?).
-- imho, Mar 14 2009

Likely to be underused, since few people ever need to borrow a train.
-- pocmloc, Oct 08 2010

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