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Sport: Basketball
Trampolinical Basketball   (+1)  [vote for, against]
Basketball with a trampoline court.

Remove the floor of a basketball court.

Replace the floor with a giant trampoline.

-- tyskland, Nov 16 2002

Baked: Spike TV's Slamball
Dec 04 2003: As mentioned by [gamerguy] and [luecke] [krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

<Hans>Trampolinical Basketball is a Girlie Sport</Hans>
-- thumbwax, Nov 16 2002

I know, thats why i signed you up, thumbwax.
-- tyskland, Nov 16 2002

Is it even possible to dribble a basketball on a trampoline?
-- half, Nov 16 2002

Excellent "Rye" question, half...
-- hollajam, Nov 16 2002

I agree with waugsqueke on it being really bad.
-- DrCurry, Nov 16 2002

I agree with me that it wouldn't work anyway.
-- half, Nov 16 2002

Bouncy bouncy

in the air

Bouncy bouncy

Halfbakers squabaling everywhere

What is it about trampolines and halfbakers that makes them squable so ?
-- skinflaps, Nov 17 2002

Amazing. It's an argument where everybody seems to agree somehow... (checks to see if he hasn't slipped into the twilight zone)
-- RayfordSteele, Nov 17 2002

Don't drag me in to the fight. I don't care whether it's mfd or not. I was just doing my usual thing: attempting to determine whether or not an idea would work in the real world. Not an appropriate thing to do around here I suppose.
-- half, Nov 18 2002

// Not an appropriate thing to do around here I suppose. //

You catch on quick ....
-- 8th of 7, Nov 18 2002

Yep. It's only taken me 7 months to finally figure out that I don't belong here.
-- half, Nov 18 2002

half, When i saw your query, i decided that a little practical experiment was in order. I went down to the local sports centre and found otu if there was a trampoline club, or some such, and they told me that they met on Sunday nights.

So, on Sunday i went along and pretended that i didn't speak Norsk, and proceded to attempt to bounce the basketball on the trampoline. It was difficult at first, as with any new skill, but after a while it became easy, and i was able to bunce the ball with a reasonable level of competence.

Then i was asked to leave.
-- tyskland, Nov 18 2002

<Franz>Trampolinical Basketball is still a Girlie Sport</Franz>
-- thumbwax, Nov 18 2002

I notice 'Chill Pill' hasn't been posted yet.
-- Admiral Hackbar, Nov 18 2002

And oddly, neither has 'Anti-Admiral Device'.
-- tyskland, Nov 18 2002

Dead Kennedy's lyric to "I Kill Children":
So you're in the kids' ward
You're in there cos you're ill
How about some Pavulon
So I can see you chill
-- thumbwax, Nov 18 2002

Schnell schnell! Der tysklander in das boot!
-- Admiral Hackbar, Nov 18 2002

Curses, he's using my native language! I concede! I concede!
-- tyskland, Nov 18 2002

Hey man thats as far as it goes. No wait. I also know Gott in Himmel.
-- Admiral Hackbar, Nov 18 2002

" Will the jury please stand"

"and what say thee ? "

" Bouncy bouncy

in the air

halfbakers scraping everywhere

bouncy bouncy

in the air

we want more time so we can be fair

bouncy bouncy

in the air

this trampoline...its only square "
-- skinflaps, Nov 18 2002

They actually have something like this,on Spike TV, called SlamBall.

I hate to say this but,this idea has been used in America,and it seems to be a good idea.

Only the court's paints have trampolines (4),but still good idea,tyskland.
-- gamerguy, Dec 04 2003

slamball is awesome ... thats all i have to say
-- luecke, Dec 04 2003

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