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Science: Body: Teeth: Toothbrush
Transform your Toothbrush   (+4, -1)  [vote for, against]
Use toothbrush to power shavers, etc.

Attachments (maybe 3rd party) that attach to your electric toothbrush the same way the head does to use the movement generated to power a shaver or other rotary personal appliance. Great for travel.
-- -----, Nov 02 2004

Try this
[angel, Nov 04 2004]

I could probably fit a toothbrush to my SDS+ drill. Does that count?
-- angel, Nov 02 2004

I was expecting a cross between Transformers and toothbrushes...
-- normzone, Nov 03 2004

Sorry to dissapoint you, norm
-- -----, Nov 03 2004

"Dad why is your toothbrush full of ear hair?
"Rough night billy,rough night."
-- 2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 03 2004

[2 fries] that's very very..

I like it (+).
-- neilp, Nov 03 2004

Croissant for [angel]'s comment. The image is priceless.
-- david_scothern, Nov 03 2004

Toothbrush attachments would be more appropriate for a Dremel.
-- hippo, Nov 04 2004

[UB]: Bosch FBH-240 (linky).
-- angel, Nov 04 2004

and one of those whisk things for making cappachinos.
-- etherman, Nov 04 2004

Or a clacker to fit on the end of your toothbrush to take to soccer matches.
-- skinflaps, Nov 04 2004

Billy: "I hate brushing my teeth; I'm just gonna stop."

Voice over: TRANSFORMERS... Robots in disguise!

Optimus Prime: "Bite your tongue Billy, that plaque build up is just what Megatron wants."


Optimus Prime: "It's Terrorsaur with Ironhide - quick Billy, throw me that oscillating cleaning head. With 40,000 pulsations and 7,600 oscillations per minute we'll make quick work of those Decepticons!"
-- Nontaigne, Nov 05 2004

Leaking leubricant! When did Ironhide switch sides?
-- JakePatterson, Nov 06 2004


TRANSFORMERS will be back after these messages.
-- Nontaigne, Nov 07 2004

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